Loxone Basecamp

12th July 2019 in Case Studies
Sitting majestically on the green rolling hills of Kollerschlag in a far corner of Austria, the Basecamp looks a little like a spacecraft that has just landed. Inside, a small army of Loxonauts brings the greenest automation system to thousands of projects across the world. Their target? To become a world leader in home & building automation.

Space To Work

Smart working on 3 levels: The Forum is a retreat with in-house restaurant and self-service bar, upstairs is the open-plan office and the warehouse and logistics centre is in the basement!

Full Concentration

The impressive high-tech building has been designed for enjoyable, productive and collaborative working.

No Secrets!

We cultivate a trusting, friendly and open approach here at Loxone. This is reflected in the open plan design of the Basecamp with public meeting spaces and only three small private meeting rooms.

Psst… Do not disturb!

In the Basecamp all Loxonauts work side by side in the same room. The arrangement of the teams is structured so that the noisier teams (like sales and support) are towards the front of the office, and the teams needing the most quiet (like the software development team) are towards the back. Meetings are held only in the designated areas to avoid disturbing others unnecessarily.

Max. Concentration Areas

Basecamp offers many retreat areas. Specially designed seating cubicles dotted around the office help block out any background noise and include a table and power outlet to allow Loxonauts to concentrate fully on the task in hand. When working in the so-called “alcove” there is a clear rule: do not disturb!

Modern Workstations

Large desks with contemporary dual-screen facilities create a flexible and productive working environment.


Large desks with contemporary dual-screen facilities create a flexible and productive working environment.

Restaurant included

The Basecamp has its very own in-house chef who prepares a selection of delicious food daily in the ultra-modern kitchen. There’s also a salad buffet, soup and a selection of breads: something for everyone, for a small price.

Fancy A Snack?

In the forum at the self-service bar, there is everything the lover’s heart desires. Coffee, tea, drinks and nourishment in an oversized drawer are at a cost. Water and soda from the tap and fruit for free.

Cutting Edge Architecture 

The Loxone Base Camp is surrounded by scenic countryside and is a prime example of the harmony of nature and technology.

The Best Views Around

The floor-to-ceiling glass windows spanning the length of the Basecamp ensure that wherever your desk is, you’re guaranteed a great view over the Austrian countryside.

Built For Communication

The whole building concept is designed to promote communication with the Forum as the hub. This is the most popular area for meeting others since this is where the coffee machine lives!

Unique Acoustic Design

A unique acoustic design allows concentrated working in an open-plan office. Custom ceiling panels with 3D matrix material (and integrated lighting) were built to help absorb sound along with sound-absorbing curtains.

Blending Inside & Out

Natural materials such as wood, leather, paper and stone are present throughout the Basecamp to ensure a creative, welcoming atmosphere that’s more akin to that of a hotel than an electronics company. There are splashes of Loxone green throughout the building to give it a fun and unique feel.

Flexible Rooms

The Basecamp is a very flexible space. Noise reducing blackout curtains can be activated at the touch of a button to create defined partitions for presentations and training. In the office upstairs, the ceiling panels have spaces between them to allow for sound absorbing curtains to be put up if needed in the future.

Green Tower

The backbone of the Basecamp is the Green Tower. It spans two stories and houses all of the Loxone hardware for the building.

Open Space & Playground

Basecamp offers plenty of space both inside and out – enough to welcome over 700 people! At the annual family celebration, the Basecamp is filled with the friends and family of Loxonauts, and with outdoor games like slacklining and a basketball hoop, it’s a year round playground.

Always Ready to Party

Whether we’re celebrating a big release, birthday party, Family Day, Partner Event or just an afterwork beer in the barbeque area, with just a tap on the App, the Basecamp becomes the perfect party host, adjusting the music and lighting for just the right atmosphere.


Naturally, the Loxone Basecamp is packed full of the latest and greatest Loxone products. There’s a dedicated area where visitors can get hands-on with the technology. The Product Development team also use this area to put all the new products through their paces.

Fully Automated 

Everything runs automatically in the Basecamp – from the lighting and heating to the blinds, music and security. In fact, even the little robotic lawnmover is under the command of the Miniserver. Through the use of sensors, the Miniserver can detect and react automatically to changes in weather conditions, temperature fluctuations and security breaches. It even pauses the music when someone rings the doorbell.

Safety first

Both the Basecamp and its Miniservers have their own defense mechanism. Safety is very important to us and the Miniserver excels at keeping guard.

Smart Defence

If the Miniserver senses no-one’s been in the Basecamp for 30 minutes, the alarm automatically switches on. If it sense any movement, the alarm immediately springs to life: lights flash, the blinds are raised and music blasts out at a deafening volume. If it’s a false alarm, one touch of an iButton on the reader switches everything back to normal.

Garage Door Lights

There’s an underground car park built into the hillside at the Basecamp with a curved entry road and a door that’s out of the line of sight. However, an LED strip at the entrance of the car park glows red if the door is open and green when it’s closed, so there’s no need to go outside to check.

Immediate Alerts

The Miniserver informs us reliably via phone call if things don’t seem right. If the patio door has been left open and there’s no event happening that evening, the Miniserver will send a reminder to close it.

Adaptive Lighting

One of the most unique features of the Basecamp is the lighting. In the office, there are special bulbs that support the human biorhythm. Unlike typical flash halogen lights, these lights mimic real daylight. In the mornings and evenings, they are slightly reddish, changing to slightly bluish during the working day to aid concentration.

 Exterior Effect Lighting

Drive through Kollerschlag in the evening and you’ll see the Basecamp lit up in all its splendour. There are over 427 metres of LED strips in and around the Basecamp – it’s really quite a spectacular sight!

Smart Shading

The blinds in Basecamp do much more than just open and close. Depending on the sun’s position in the sky and the target in the office, the blinds will adjust automatically to ensure all Loxonauts enjoy a comfortable temperature and don’t end up with the sun in their eyes or burning their backs.

All in one:
NFC Tags for Access & Payment

Each Loxonaut is issued an NFC Tag on their first day. This has several functions in the Basecamp. They are easier to use than traditional keys, more flexible and can even be used instead of cash. In addition, if it gets losts, we can simply delete the configuration on the lost tag, rendering it useless.



Every Loxonaut has an NFC Tag to access the Basecamp during working hours. But not everyone has weekend access or access to the warehouse. The collection port is a separate area of the warehouse that can also be accessed via a tag, meaning that delivery couriers can make collections outside normal working hours, and we can see when they arrived and when they left.

Locker Key

The work we do is largely paperless, which makes filing cabinets and other storage spaces superfluous. However, each employee has their own lockable box for storing personal ‘stuff’. This can only be unlocked with their personal NFC Tag.


There’s no need to carry cash in the Basecamp, since all drinks, sweets and even lunch can be purchased simply by tapping your NFC Tag on the various readers around the canteen. The snack drawer will unlock as soon as an tag is held up to it. The NFC Code Touch usually glows red, and when a transaction is successful they mometarily go green. This, together with a wall mounted iPad showing the latest transactions means there’s no wondering “has it worked?”

Music for Motivation

Wherever you are in the Basecamp, you’ll usually hear music. In fact, there are 17 music zones in the building including in the toilets and outside on the patio. When the first Loxonaut arrives in the morning, the music starts automatically in the forum and upstairs in the office.

Natural Cooling

During the excavation work at the beginning of the construction phase, we came across a groundwater source. This water has a constant temperature of 8°C  and is used with us to cool the air in the Basecamp, eliminating the need for air conditioning units, even in the summer.

Efficient Ventilation

There’s nothing worse than being sat in a hot and stuffy office and feeling a headache coming on. Luckily, the Basecamp has humidity & CO2 sensors at the ready to detect when a blast of fresh air is needed and acts accordingly.

Excellent Energy Management

The Loxone Miniserver ensures that energy is efficiently used throughout the Basecamp, and nothing goes to waste.

Standby Killer

All screens and other devices left on standby such as the photocopier and coffee machine are switched off standby mode at night to help conserve energy.

Temperature Management

The lighting, heating and blinds all work together to take advantage of free solar energy to keep the Basecamp at a pleasant temperature.

Pinpoint Energy Use

The motion sensors ensure the lighting, heating, cooling and audio are only on when they need to be. Through the app, we can get an exact overview of where the most energy is being used and can take steps to optimise and cut down.

24V Track

A unique aluminium rail system which is fed in several places with 24V draws runs throughout the entire Basecamp. This powers the sensors, such as presence detectors and CO2 & temperature sensors, as well as lighting at the Basecamp, which is based on 24V.

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Welcome Home magazine

Whether you are building a new home, doing an extension or a renovation or simply looking for ideas for the future, then this is the ideal source of smart home inspiration.

Filled with tips & tricks, exquisite case studies and expert advice; the all-new Welcome Home magazine has more than 65 pages of fantastic content presented in a visually-rich way.