Loxone Air – Retrofitting Project Part 2

5th September 2016 in Case Studies
In Loxone Air – Retrofitting Project Part 1 we took a look at Florian’s apartment. It was just one example of how retrofitting with our Loxone Air Technology is the perfect solution to upgrading any home into a smart home. In part 2, we’ll look at multiroom audio and security.

Multiroom Audio with Loxone

The role of music in a smart home can be an important feature, especially for Loxonaut Florian who is a passionate music lover and attaches great importance to music in his life. His requirements were that he wanted music in the living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. The solution: The Loxone Music Server.

This multiroom audio solution from Loxone gives Florian the ability to play any music he wants to in each room – and automatically at that. His smart home ensures Florian is woken by a gentle melody. When entering the kitchen he is welcomed with his desired news channels and in the bathroom, he can shower while enjoying his favourite music playlist. He can then control the music in each room via the Touch switch, like switching music sources, adjusting the volume and turning the music on and off. When leaving the room, doing a double-tap on the Touch switch turns the music off.

Storing and browsing through the home’s stored music and audio sources are all done via the Loxone Smart Home App. Florian can save his digital music collection to the Loxone Music Server, plus he has access to even more music via the Internet – whether it’s Internet radio, AirPlay, or his own playlist on Spotify – Florian can choose to listen to exactly what he wants to.

How it was done:

The Miniserver Go is connected via the home network to the Loxone Music Server and the associated Loxone 12-channel amplifier. There are several outlets for the music to be heard in every room. Firstly, the Loxone Ceiling Speaker, and secondly the Loxone Wall Speaker, which can be placed anywhere in the room – like a bookshelf.

In Florian’s apartment, there are several Loxone Wall Speakers in the living room, kitchen and bedrooms. The speakers in these rooms are wired back to the Loxone Amp and Loxone Music Server. In the bathroom however, Florian used a speaker connected wirelessly to the network on which the Loxone Music Server sits – music is then streamed from the music server using UPnP.

Intelligent security

Security is an important aspect when it comes to feeling safe in your own home. A Loxone Smart Home protects you around the clock – 7 days a week – 365 days a year. The intelligent combination of Loxone products allows for a full smart alarm system.

The Miniserver warns Florian for example at 22:00 via the push notification, if he has forgotten to close the windows or doors. In addition, the smart home detects any unauthorised presence or opening of the doors or windows during the night. Should it detect an intruder, Florian has set a ‘Rock My House’ function which starts flashing the lights and playing loud music to alert him and his neighbours – also helping to ward off the intruder. The alarm system can also alert him to the detection of hazards like fire or smoke.

How it was done:

The Miniserver receives information from each device and uses this to ensure your safety. In Florian’s apartment devices like the Motion Sensor Air and Door & Window Contact Air are integrated to be used as an alarm system. With the alarm set, the Motion Sensors Airs pick up when someone unauthorised starts moving about in a room. The Door & Window Contact Air means Florian is less likely to forget to close a window. After the Miniserver has detected a threat, there are several ways to draw attention to this. If it is a minor concern like forgetting to close the window, Florian will get a notification on his phone.

When an alarm sounds it is clear that something unusual is taking place and action is needed. The home will warn Florian to this with a combination of flashing lights and loud music.

Remote Air – Even more convenience

When asked what device Florian found most comfortable using in his smart home, his answer was clear – the Remote Air. The Remote Air offers five customizable touch points that can be set to the Loxone Switch Standard or used depending on the application. Florian uses the Remote Air to control the lights, music and the Smart Socket Air that his TV is plugged into. With the Remote Air, he can scroll through the different lighting scenes as well as control the basic functions of music playback.

Florian had not realised how automating some tasks and changing the way he does others would make such a big difference in the way he lives in his home. The intelligence of the Loxone system is making life at home easier, freeing up his time for the more important things.

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The project was achieved with the following Loxone devices:

1x Loxone Music Server 4 Zone
1x Loxone 12-Channel Amplifier 
4x Loxone Wallspeaker

With these devices, along with those already listed in ‘Loxone Air – Retrofitting Project Part 1‘, Florian’s flat was turned into a feature-rich smart home without pulling any new cables.

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