5 Frequently Asked Questions On Wireless Smart Home Technology

5th September 2016 in Technology

It’s been more than two and a half years since we first introduced our own wireless smart home solution – Loxone Air. Since then, our Loxone Air product range has grown to include valve actuators, motion detectors, smoke detectors and more. These products have been in response to the feedback we received from you, our Partners and customers. To sum it all up, we’ve put together this blog with the 5 most frequently asked questions about the perfect retrofit smart home solution.

5 Fragen zur Funktechnologie im Smart Home

Question #1: Can I create a smart home using only wireless technology?

The average UK home has an area of approximately 76m2. What if you don’t have the option of running cabling…could you still enjoy the benefits of Autopilot Living throughout your home? Would wireless technology cover your entire home?

This depends. Loxone Air products form a mesh network, allowing it to cover large areas or complex property structures. Each mains-powered Loxone Air device operates as a repeater. This means data can be forwarded from one mains-powered device to another until the signal reaches the intended device. This is the principle behind our Loxone Air technology.

For example:
If the Motion Sensor Air on the second floor is too far from the Miniserver Go on the ground floor, other mains-powered Loxone Air Products between the two will act as repeaters (a Smart Socket Air or Nano Dimmer Air for example). A signal sent by the Miniserver Go from the ground floor could then easily be transferred to the upper floor – which means large transmission distances are possible.

How about a wireless Geiger blinds motor? It would not only control your blinds but also repeat the Loxone Air wireless signal as-and-when required – further expanding the mesh network.

Whether a house or flat – Loxone Air technology is the perfect solution for your retrofit Smart home project.

5 Fragen zur Funktechnologie im Smart Home

Question #2: Is wireless technology a reliable smart home solution?

A key concern is whether the data transmission between a transmitter and receiver is reliable. For Loxone – the subject of reliability is a very important one. If your room is too cold for example, the Miniserver Go sends the command “heating on” to the Valve Actuator Air. Once the signal is received by the actuator, a confirmation is sent back to the Miniserver Go. If no confirmation is received then the signal is sent again. If the device is offline, the Miniserver Go recognises this and automatically informs the Loxone Smart Home owner.

Loxone Silver Partner, Matthew Friedl of Friedl Electric Systems shares some insight:
My apartment is located 20m away from the Frankfurt / Munich railway line. My mobile phones are affected by the rail traffic and the Wifi does not work properly, but my Loxone Air components never let me down and always work 100%.

5 Fragen zur Funktechnologie im Smart Home

Question #3: Can I achieve all the same features of a wired smart home using only wireless technology?

Yes. Loxone Air technology allows you to use wireless devices to their full potential. Our growing range of periphery Air devices means you can get all the functionality you need in one complete solution.

Products in the Air range include the valve actuator, smoke detectors, door & window contacts and more. Think there is a product missing from the Air range? Don’t worry, it’s likely that gap won’t be empty for long.

5 Fragen zur Funktechnologie im Smart Home

Question #4: How safe is smart home wireless technology?

In many smart homes these days, wireless technology is not encrypted. This leaves you with the risk of someone else “listening in” to your actions or in a worst case scenario – repeating them. This is not the case with a Loxone Smart Home.

Communication between all our Loxone Air devices is encrypted to ensure your information is kept safe and put your mind at ease. Each Loxone Smart Home uses its own encryption key, ensuring there is no interference with nearby Loxone installations.

5 Fragen zur Funktechnologie im Smart Home

Question #5: Will my wireless devices always be up-to-date with the latest technology?

This depends on the wireless technology. Smart Home wireless products are often not upgradable. This means they’re only state-of-the-art…around the time of purchase. But don’t worry, this doesn’t apply to all wireless technology.

Loxone offers a sustainable wireless smart home solution. As with a wired Loxone Smart Home, in a retrofit Loxone Smart Home, our products are updatable. Thanks to free software updates for our configuration software and our apps, your devices will always be up-to-date ensuring you get the most functionality out of them.

Getting even more out of new builds

In new builds, we usually recommend the wired Loxone Smart Home solution – like Loxone Tree. Our wireless technology Loxone Air is designed specifically for retrofitters and renovators. However, you could get more our of a new build home by including an Air Base Extension can provide you with the benefit of wireless products for even more functionality. These Loxone Air accessories are ideal for all Loxone Smart Homes – whether a new build or a renovation:

Loxone Smart Socket Air

Smart Socket Air

The first intelligent plug boasting Air technology. This device lets you take control of all items around your home by simply plugging them into the Smart Socket Air. In addition, this device includes a temperature sensor and can monitor energy usage.


Loxone Remote AirRemote Air

Open the garage door from the car or control the lights, music or shading from the couch. The Remote Air offers a quick and easy operation with a wealth of possibilities.


IR Control Air

Loxone IR Control AirActivate the theatre scene. The ceiling lights are dimmed and the television is turned on. And that’s just one example of what is possible via the IR Control Air.

Our Loxone Air product range is always improving. From automated blinds to security, we have all you need to retrofit a Loxone Smart Home.


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