The smart security system you can rely on

At night, when you are asleep, your Loxone Smart Home keeps watch, looking out for you and your family. Should an intruder be detected, it will immediately alert you with a phone call, turning the multiroom audio on at full volume, flashing the lights throughout the house, and opening the blinds so as to expose anyone inside your home that shouldn’t be there. Your home will also let you know if a potential fire or water leak is detected.

The smart security system you can rely on

At night, when you are asleep, your Loxone Smart Home keeps watch, looking out for you and your family. Should an intruder be detected, it will immediately alert you with a phone call, turning the multiroom audio on at full volume, flashing the lights throughout the house, and opening the blinds so as to expose anyone inside your home that shouldn’t be there. Your home will also let you know if a potential fire or water leak is detected.

Security has many facets – the Loxone Smart Home covers every one

In your home, you can feel completely safe. It deters burglars for you, watches over the whole family, protects itself and preserves your privacy.

More security, automatically

Save 50,000 tasks. Enjoy more time for life.

The Loxone Smart Home offers a powerful security solution, with a variety of security and alarm functions. Your home thinks on its feet and offers fully automatic protection. At night, whilst you sleep, your home is on alert. In your absence, it automatically goes into security mode and watches carefully to protect against burglary, water leaks or adverse weather.

Protection against break-ins

Bye bye, burglars!

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Like an invisible shield, Loxone protects your home from unwanted guests. It reliably detects intruders and reacts with highly conspicuous flashing lights and a loud siren sound to deter even the most determined of intruders.

Defence to rival Kevin from Home Alone: Presence Simulation

Even if you’re not a fan of Home Alone, chances are you know the story: a little boy, left behind at home, has to come up with various ways to deter two bungling burglars. It’s a shame Kevin’s house didn’t have Loxone, as he could have saved himself rather a lot of trouble.

With presence simulation, you can go on holiday with peace of mind, since your home will be busy acting as if someone were home; the blinds raise and lower and lights switch on and off, following the same routine as always.

Your home in your hands –
Alarm notifications via app

Should a thief gain access to your home, your home will inform you immediately via the app.

Alarm off

Alarm activated

Silent alarm

Audible alarm

Visual alarm

Mockup: Alarm off

Alarm off

Mockup: Alarmanlage aktiviert

Alarm activated

This is done automatically, based on time of day, via a switch or using the app. Devices such as motion sensors serve as alarm components.

Stufe 1 : Stiller Alarm

Step 1
Silent Alarm

Be notified by email, call, or push notification. If it is a false alarm, you can simply acknowledge the notification without the need for further action.

Stufe 2 : Akustischer Alarm

Step 2
Audible Alarm

The Loxone Music Server will start playing the pre-defined alarm sound at full volume throughout your home.

Stufe 3 : Optischer Alarm

Step 3
Visual Alarm

All the blinds in your home will open and the lights will start flashing – drawing the attention of the neighbours to the presence of anyone in the home that shouldn’t be there.

Protection of the inhabitants

Watches over the whole family

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Protection from fire, smoke and water

Danger could be lurking around any corner. A Loxone Smart Home gives you peace of mind, knowing that you’ll be made aware of potential danger so that you can react accordingly to prevent harm from coming to you and your loved ones. If smoke is detected, your home will immediately alert you with flashing lights and a phone call – with certain lighting showing you the way out. Blinds will open, alerting passersby and neighbours to the danger. Should water be detected where it shouldn’t be, whether from a burst pipe – or rain potentially coming in through an open window, your home will bring this to your attention so that you can act accordingly to minimise or even prevent any damage.


Panic button

If desired, a switch can be set up as a trigger for the alarm when it is pressed. This can cause the lights to flash, the blinds to open and a phone call to be placed to a specified number.


Loxone can help keep your children safe at home, too. If you are out but your children are home, certain features and appliances can be put into child-safe mode.

Similarly, if you are at home you can activate child-mode at the touch of a button. A popular feature for parents is having the TV or games console in their child’s room turn off at 10 pm to encourage bedtime.

Building protection

Your home protects itself

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Life is full of surprises, which by their very nature, occur when you least expect it. The Loxone Smart Home works to help alleviate the effects of those surprises. Burst water pipe? En route to the airport and realise you left the back door unlocked? Not to worry, your home will alert you immediately so that you can take steps to quickly rectify the problem.

Early detection of…

Water leaks

Water ingress can have many causes: burst pipes, leaky appliances and even run-off from tilted windows or open doors. To avoid major damage, your home informs you immediately.


Early detection of fire can save your belongings – but most importantly – it can save lives. The Loxone Smart Home offers reliable detection through the combination of existing temperature sensors and smoke detectors.

Privacy protection

Your smart home, your data

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All personal usage data is protected by various firewalls and security mechanisms on the Loxone Miniserver and does not leave your own four walls. In addition, the Loxone Smart Home will work even without an Internet connection. We take data privacy very seriously and protect our customers’ right to data privacy to the very best of our ability.

Even more security features

Full alarm included

You do not need an additional expensive alarm system in your Loxone Smart Home. Existing components such as motion sensors, door contacts, lighting and blinds are combined to form a full-fledged alarm system which reliably protects you and your family.

Vollwertige Alarmanlage für Ihr Zuhause

Informed when it matters…

Caller Service

In case of alarm, call your home immediately to inform you about water ingress, smoke, etc.

Loxone App

With the Loxone app, you can view the status of your alarm system at any time and activate or deactivate it. In case of emergency, you will be informed immediately and can view the alarm message via the app.

Loxone logging function


Thanks to the logging function, you can check when the window was last opened, who last entered the house, when the postman arrived and more.

One glance at the app is all you need.

Open/Closed States

Your smart home informs you via voice message or message on your smartphone if windows or garage doors are left open after dark.

Everything in view

Check whether everything is in order at home from a distance. View live images from your intercom or security camera anytime on your smartphone.

Delayed activation

Your intelligent alarm system switches on after a short delay time. This prevents you from being able to trigger the alarm system yourself.

Reduce false alarms

A second motion sensor must react within a defined period of time in order to suppress a false alarm and trigger the next alarm level.

Easy to use

You can activate your alarm system from every switch in your smart home or arm it remotely via your smartphone. A triple click on a Loxone Touch by an exit puts your home into the ‘Away’ mode and arms the alarm.

 Definieren Sie verschiedene Alarmzonen für die Alarmanlage im Smart Home

Alarm zones

You can set up many alarm zones in your Loxone Smart Home, whether that’s the ground floor, the basement or an outdoor area. You can choose when these zones should be alarmed. For example, many people choose to activate the ‘downstairs’ alarm at night.

Non-intrusive monitoring

For many older people, staying independent in their own home is important. However, no-one wants to feel like they’re being spied on. Loxone offers many ‘passive monitoring’ options to help keep an eye on your loved ones without disturbing them or invading their privacy.

For example, if your elderly mother always boils the kettle before 10 am, a simple Smart Socket Air can let you know via a text or email if the kettle is not boiled within a 30-minute window of 10 am. This means that you’re only notified if something is out of the ordinary, rather than actively monitoring a routine.

Similarly, a popular option is to have motion sensors on the stairs – one at the top and one at the bottom. If one is triggered but not the other (this could suggest that someone has fallen on the stairs) you will receive a notification and can take appropriate action.

Loxone can be used in a variety of assisted living applications, from elderly relatives to those with disabilities. Get in touch to find out more.

Working together

In the Loxone Smart Home, all the components from music to shading to lighting work together for your safety. From intelligent defense mechanisms to alarm and protection functions, your Loxone Smart Home supports you with full power, even in an emergency.

Die Alarmfunktion im 360° Smart Home - weitere Einsatzgebiete

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