Company reduces winter energy bills by 30% with Loxone

Jacob Sugden
17th February 2023 in Case Studies

Want to be able to run your office building without having to worry as much about your energy costs? Loxone is the answer to bring you peace of mind. Here is an example of how one company has seen a reduction in energy consumption by 30% through implementing simple measures which have been made possible by Loxone intelligent automation.

Loxone’s implementation here

Loxone has been installed on the premises of Stavební práce Plzeň since October 2021. The company’s main focus is in the construction of new low-energy and passive houses, their design activities, the roofs and so on. At the same time, they are involved in smart wiring and system installation and are therefore a Loxone Partner. In their headquarters, automation takes care of 20 offices with facilities and a storage hall.

Loxone controls the heating and air conditioning according to the requirements of each office. It also controls the front window blinds, and when the building is secured with an EZS (electronic security alarm system), it connects to the occupancy sensors in the offices. Plus it automatically changes the lighting levels in the building in relation to the brightness inside the offices, and automatically triggers the audio in each office if there is presence. Further, the smart system also controls the garage door to the warehouse.


Location: Plzeň, Czech Republic

Loxone Partner: Stavební práce Plzeň

Managed by Loxone:
Energy Management

How did they save on heating bills?

In addition to employee comfort and building protection, intelligent automation has resulted in significant energy savings. In the 2022/2023 winter period with the heating on, the company has already reduced their heating costs by 30%.

Zasedací místnost

“Savings were achieved, for example, by controlling the heat recovery units, which are only in operation during the day when employees are in the offices. They also start up in the event of a large temperature fluctuation. The same applies to electric underfloor heating,” explains Ondřej Krestýn from Stavebních prací Plzeň.

The pre-set logic blocks only switch on the heating during night time or again when the temperature drops below a certain level, which is even independent of the set heating schedule. Loxone records the current temperature information separately for each office, and so can therefore easily monitor the threshold temperature for switching on or off the heating.

Savings are also significantly helped by the possibility for zonal heating, allowing for the system to heat each office depending on usage which works in accordance to the requirements of the employees present. “Another advantage is that the lighting is automatically switched on individually in each office based on the current natural light level. So it doesn’t happen that the lights are on all day long, or aren’t turned on when it’s not necessary,” adds Krestýn.

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Photo: Stavební práce Plzeň

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