Fragment apartment building in Prague

Zsanett Koves
16th October 2023 in Case Studies

The Fragment, one of Trigema Group‘s unique projects in Prague, evolves every day. The future pride of Karlín district offers a unique concept of rental housing for 140 apartments. Its first residents will arrive this year, ready to enjoy a simpler way of living with the Loxone intelligent building automation system and smart technology management.

This new gem of modern Prague architecture in the Karlín district will soon open to tenants. The project’s focus is to connect the exterior and interior of the building to the overarching design concept, which without a doubt will set a new benchmark in rental housing. The Fragment is made possible by the creative harmony between the investor, the architect and the artist.

The complex was designed by the atelier Qarta. Its character is brought to life by large-scale sculptures, the masterwork of the renowned sculptor and artist Davida Černého. The Fragment is a testament to the symbiosis of construction and artistic modern design.


Sokolovská ulice, Praha 8 – Karlín

Trigema Group

1.3 billion Czech Koruna

Start of construction:

Planned move-in:

Residential/built-up area:
10 500 m² / 4 500 m²

1-4 bed apartments and duplexes on the top floors

Loxone will operate:
Heating, Shading, Lighting, Energy & Statistics, Access, MaR system

Much like in life, where everything is built up of smaller individual parts, the façade of the building is shaped by several “spaced out” hollow blocks – fragments – that make the structure complete.

“Just as fragments of human life represent fragments of experiences and memories from the past and present, to then all come together to form one – a rich and unique human life. The beauty of life thus comes from the union of an infinite number of smaller parts, fragments, from minute experiences to formative ones. The project thus reflects the ‘fragments’ of time and the connection between present, past and future, the ‘fragments of the lives’ of their inhabitants and the ‘fragments of art” – explains the Trigema Group.

Modern living assisted by building automation

The Fragment will bring a unique concept to premium rental housing. Tenants will move into their fully furnished apartments at the end of this year. The challenge is to install building automation technology that can cater to the complex’s size, and provide smart features suitable for premium living. This includes heat pumps, air conditioning with heat recovery, air filtration, humidity adjustment, and the heating and cooling of apartments. Operational water consumption for the flats and for watering the greenery will be provided for by the water well and rain.

Life in the Fragment is all about convenient comfort, so the technologies are operated by intelligent controls. Automation with Loxone will make life easier for every household. All components come together in one unified system that functions as autonomously as possible, but tenants can still intervene at any time by tapping on the Touch switches or via the Loxone App (even when away from home).

With Loxone, we support client comfort and operational economy. A motion sensor is placed in the apartments, which, if no movement is detected for a set period of 18 hours, makes the apartment go into absence mode. This will dampen the heating or cooling system and ventilation, and the position of the shading screens will be regulated automatically. As far as security is concerned, even the smoke sensor is linked to the Loxone. In case of smoke detection, it will send an alarm to the reception.

Trigema Group

Project Team

Detail vizualizace projektu Fragment
Projekt Fragment

Smart apartments in the Fragment

What will residents experience in their new homes? Zoned heating and cooling will maintain the ideal temperature in the selected rooms according to schedule each day, leaving no need to worry about thermostats and manual regulation. The Loxone App provides a constant overview of the home, and the ability to adjust from wherever the tenants are at any time.

Intelligent lighting will make sure that tenants can leave their homes with peace of mind instead of anxiously double-checking if any lights are left on. Before leaving, 3 taps on the centre of the Touch Tree switch will shut all lights off in the apartment, and one quick tap will turn them back on when they return.

Vizualizace projektu Fragment

Residents can also use the same switch to control the smart blinds. But only if necessary! The shading adjusts itself to the weather and knows when to activate. This works in cooperation with the heating: if the sun can help with raising the interior temperature through the windows, why turn the heating on to maximum and waste energy? Connecting the apartments to the Loxone system can help with cutting costs as the app shows all consumption statistics, so the tenants can be sure no unexpected bills for hot and cold water or heating will turn up.

Tenants can access functions, controls and settings from their mobile phones, and each household will be equipped with a tablet running the Loxone App mounted on their wall too. The access control system acts as a doorman: residents will immediately see who’s ringing their bell, and will be able to open the door or communicate with visitors from their tablet or mobile phone – even remotely, for example, while on a holiday. They simply won’t miss a visit thanks to the Loxone access control system. In addition, tenants will be able to expand their smart homes with additional safety and security features in the future.

We see other benefits of Loxone, for example, in the price-performance evaluation for our solution. We could also rely on the technical and sales support – we had an accurate idea of the final price.

Trigema Group

Project Team

Loxone also controls the MaR system

Smart control will operate throughout the entire building, including the common areas. It’ll take care of energy measurement and control – the system will understand the heating requirements of all households, so the technologies in the background will be accurately prepared to supply this every day. Weather Stations will also help with optimising usage; for example, they can transmit data on the outside conditions to the apartments so the system can automatically adjust to the best heating settings.


At the end of 2021, Trigema Group opened a new showroom in its sales centre on Prague’s Bucharova Street. The showroom is built as a regular apartment, which presents the smart solutions the Loxone intelligent building automation system can provide in an interactive way. The setup of this apartment offers integrated functions and control standards.

(c) Image copyright: Trigema

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