5 good reasons to use the Loxone Music Server

Tyron Cosway
26th April 2018 in For Partners
It’s for more than just music… In this blog for our Loxone Partners, we’re going to have a look at five great reasons to use the Loxone Music Server and how this plays a part in creating an unparalleled multimedia experience for your customers.
Sound System - Küche

1. Your customers’ favourite music…in any room, from any source

The Loxone Music Server adds multiroom audio functionality to a Loxone Smart Home so your customers can play music from different sources in different rooms. This could include listening to one of the inspiring breakfast-themed playlists on Spotify in the kitchen, while an Internet radio station streams in the study. Different options of the Loxone Music Server are available so you can pick the one that suits the size of the project. For each part of a home that your customer would want to have as a separate audio zone, you’ll likewise need to reserve a zone on the Loxone Music Server. This is why our Music Server is available in 4, 8, 12, 16 and 20 zones.

2. Ready-to-go in just a few clicks thanks to Auto Configuration

We appreciate that some of our Loxone Partners are more familiar with multiroom audio than others. Therefore, we wanted to show those Partners who may not yet have worked with the Loxone Music Server that the setup and configuration is not as difficult as you might think. The Auto Configuration feature in Loxone Config draws the best out of the Loxone Music Server, kicking out great functionality that you can pass on to your customer without the need for long-winded custom configuration.

Network Device Search for Music Server


Name each zone of the Music Server


Use the Auto-Configuration feature


3. Impressive functionality that’s easy to control

Sure, being able to play different audio sources in different rooms at the same time sounds great – but how complicated is this to control? It’s not! By commissioning multiroom audio for your customers, you’ll be able to offer them great functionality at just the tap of a Loxone Touch or the Loxone Smart Home App. The Loxone Touch switches make it easy to start and stop audio playback – as well as control the volume and change the music source. Plus, your customers’ need look no further than the Loxone Smart Home App to create a feel-good playlist; browse music stored locally, on Spotify or find their favourite radio station on TuneIn. The Loxone Music Server and the Loxone Smart Home App work hand-in-hand, playing a big role in our feature-rich multimedia solution for Real Smart Homes.

4. Features galore – It’s about so much more than music

Sure, the name might be the Loxone Music Server – but this impressive piece of hardware is about more than just giving your customers multiroom audio. The Loxone Music Server integrates with the Loxone Intercom and burglar alarm, adding doorbell and alarm tone functionality. In fact, gradually being woken from a great night’s sleep is also something the Music Server can take care of. You can realise these features for your customers within just a few minutes using the Auto Configuration feature. Here is what the impressive Loxone Music Server brings to a Real Smart Home:

Sound the alarm

Rise and shine

Smart doorbell


Multiroom Audio

Sound System - Security

Sound the alarm

Smart home security is even smarter with the Loxone Music Server. Having this piece of kit in your customers’ home means they can be alerted to a potential break-in, water leak or smoke. This is done by playing a dedicated alarm sound at a notable volume on all speakers setup as multiroom audio zones.

Sound System - Wecker

Rise and shine

In a Real Smart Home, your customers are softly woken from their slumber. This is thanks to several features working in harmony – including the blinds gradually opening to let the sunshine in and their favourite get-up-and-go playlist being faded in to start the day just right.

Sound System - Türklingel

Smart doorbell

In a Real Smart Home with the Loxone Music Server, you’ll be able to offer your customers smart doorbell functionality too. When someone is at the door, you can set it up that the Music Server plays a doorbell sound throughout the house. Of course, if there are little ones having their afternoon nap then the doorbell can be muted in those zones so as not to disturb them.

Sound System - Text-to-Speech


Again, despite the name, the Loxone Music Server is about more than just music. Your customers could even have the option to receive an audible reminder or notification, like if the garage door is still open after sunset. With the text-to-speech function, a predefined sentence can be triggered to play as soon as an event occurs. When it comes to what kind of event, then that’s up to your customer. It would be good to use this feature for events where it would be best to be informed about something as soon as possible.

Sound System - Multiroom Audio

Multiroom Audio

It might be a given but we had to of course list the multiroom audio functionality of the Loxone Music Server too. Being able to listen to different music in different rooms as part of a holistic smart home solution is still a noteworthy feature after all.

Sound System - Netzwerk-Zonen

5. Expandable with network zones

Last but not least, the Loxone Music Server supports the UPnP / DLNA streaming standard. This means that even compatible wireless speakers could be controlled with the Loxone Music Server.

The complete range for impressive multiroom audio

The Loxone Music Server offers your customers a sensational multimedia experience. To be able to offer this feature-rich solution as a Loxone Partner, we have everything you need on our webshop. Our products are all designed for use in a smart home and the necessary components have been chosen for their compatibility. This means, as a Loxone Partner, you benefit from a smooth commissioning process and you can deliver a system that you know has been designed to work in a Real Smart Home. Take a closer look at our range of multimedia products and increase your smart home know-how.