Jetzt verfügbar – Loxone Config 11.2 Public Beta 2


2 Minuten
17. November 2020

Sie brennen darauf, unveröffentlichte Beta Versionen zu testen, und wollen uns mit Ihrem Einsatz und Engagement helfen, unsere Software zu verbessern? Nun kann jeder leidenschaftlicher Technikfan unsere Loxone Software Versionen direkt testen und uns mit wertvollen Verbesserungsvorschlägen unterstützen.

Ab heute steht Ihnen die neue Version der Loxone Config als Public Beta Version 11.2 (Beta 2) zur Verfügung. Entdecken Sie jetzt schon die Neuerungen unserer Software.

Die aktuelle Public Beta Version hält unter anderem folgende neue Funktionen für Sie bereit:

Loxone Config 11.2. Beta 2
  • Produktunterstützung:
    • Miniserver Go Generation 2.
    • Präsenzmelder Deckeneinbau Tree
  • EEBus
    • HVAC Unterstützung
  • Verbesserte Benutzerfreundlichkeit der Peripherie Filterung
Bei unserer Beta Version handelt es sich um Software Versionen, die noch nicht für die finale Veröffentlichung angedacht sind. Aus diesem Grund wird der Einsatz in Kundeninstallationen nicht empfohlen!
Technical Changelog Loxone Config / Miniserver

Technical Changelog Config 11.2 Beta 2 (2020.11.17):


  • Miniserver Go Gen.2 available
  • Flush mounted presence sensor available
  • R12-T353 Token authentication on Miniserver can now be done without application layer encryption, token also does not have to be hashed anymore
    • This is for simpler usage of our API
    • Application layer encryption is not necessary anymore since Miniserver Gen.2 supports transport layer security
    • Loxone app currently still uses application layer encryption!
  • Document tree filter is now always visible for easier access to the filter options
  • Support for EEBUS devices
    • Currently only the Hvac Use Case is supported
  • Project Planning: Added ultrasonic sensor


  • General
    • R12-I130 Setting loses focus while editing due to system status update
    • R12-I127 Connection popup immediately disappears when dragging input on control
    • R12-I137: Ampersand not drawn in controls
    • BG-I8632 Valve Tree: no install-place via app-learning
    • R12-I136 Presence control: tracker-entries „presence ended“ without last active object
    • R12-I140 Intelligent room controller: priorities-list gets corrupted after deleting climate controller
    • SIA DC-09 Data receive error
    • R12-T374 Fixed error when Extensions and Tree to Air Bridges add up to more than 32 devices
    • R12-I120 Gateway: New SPS file not distributed to clients instead previous file is used
      • May happen in some cases after the Update, resulting in an inconsistent gateway
    • BG-I8028 Internorm Ventilation: removed not working „quit filterchange“ button
    • BG-I8493 NFC App Learn: unreadable NFC Tags can be learned
    • BG-I8420 Changelog couldn’t display umlaute (äöü)
    • BG-I7352 Set RS232 und RS485 Extension to „Not Fully Configured“ if read cycle of chosen Serial-protocoll is still „-1“
    • BG-I7332 1-wire Monitor „assign user“ dropdown list too small
    • R12-I132 Partlist: Invalid color of presence sensor tree
    • R12-I96 Adapted description for Presence-control
    • R12-I98 Property window still shows „unconfigured control“ after object is configured via dialog
    • R12-I101 Color of references cant be changed
    • R12-I102 Not all statistic settings shown in some cases
    • R12-I104 Auto Config dialog – Look of table headers is not consistent
    • R12-I105 Low memory systemmessage is triggered during update
    • R12-I108 Auto Config: Changing room type does not affect presence option and room type is not stored
    • R12-I110 Firmwarepackages: Sorting by version not working properly
    • R12-I115 Config-reconnect not working when using special characters in user
    • Automatic designer: rules not properly serialized after update via app
    • Removed deprecated EEBUS controls
    • R12-I142 Multiple caller inputs cant be dragged to the program page
    • R12-I143 Quicksearch: Switch control not top hit when searching for switch
    • R12-I144 Gateway: Message that clients are offline is sometimes shown before Update, even if everything is okay
    • BG-I8682 Auto Update can be triggered by users without the necessary rights
    • Valve Air (battery powered) stopped operating after a webservice has been processed
    • Schueco device not working in a client/gateway system 
    • R12-I148 Known Issues Button in TechdocViewer could overlap into TextBrowser
    • R12-I149 Two Tree To Air Bridges on same Tree-Branch could cause an error in Device-Status
    • R12-I150 Extensions went offline when adding a Tree to Air Bridge
    • Removed all Tree to Air Bridges from Link-Diagnosis
    • R12-I155 Project Analysis: Cant filter for controls above Miniserver
    • Automatic Designer: enable / disable rule does have no effect
    • Battery devices can´t enter standby after certain actions
  • Tree Filter
    • Document tree filter does not adapt to page change out of real smart home check
    • R12-I106 Tree Filter: Devices are not expanded when filtering
    • R12-I107 Tree Filter: References of IO missing when filtering
    • R12-I134 Automatic filter: Not updated when changing page via other tree (e.g. room tree)
    • Automatic Filter: Filter reactivated when doing undo or aborting autoconfig
    • R12-I134 Automatic filter: Not updated when changing page via other tree (e.g. room tree)
    • R12-I153 Tree filter does not update when typing room/category and pressing enter
  • Climate controller
    • R12-I141 Visible io’s of roomcontrollers are not updated when assigning roomcontroller
    • R12-I139 Source is re-added during simulation
    • R12-I138 Not all assigned roomcontrollers are shown in visu
    • R12-I90 Added cyclic sending of current data
  • Lightcontroller
    • R12-I109 Connection References have wrong name when connected to presence input
    • Adapted Description of T5-Input: Information about first/next click
    • R12-I89 Dialog: change of assignment may corrupt automatic configuration
    • R12-I95 Dialog: invalid connector-text when deleting assigned mood
    • R12-I135 Removed input-limitation of channel-names
    • Lightcontroller: input P visible per default
  • Project Planning
    • R12-I99 Selection after project planning is random
    • R12-I100 Unused audio outputs are set to room ’not assigend‘ instead of ‚do not use‘
    • R12-I131 Audio Zone (Mono) renamed to Stereo Downmix
    • R12-I126 Wallspeaker needs 2 audio channels instead of one
  • Audioserver
    • AUDIO1-I1110 Music Player group: do not serialize unconfigured players, extensions or musicservers
    • AUDIO1-I938 Doorcontroller: reference to audioplayer not properly removed when deleting audioplayer
    • AUDIO1-I1013 Audioplayer: re-send Play command when presence goes active while audioserver is still booting
    • Audioserver connection fails due to invalid resolved address
    • AUDIO1-I1060 No info about newer version when trying to do audioserver update with initial version
    • AUDIO1-I1136 Miniserver sometimes creates invalid signature for JWT resulting in authentication errors on Audioserver
    • AUDIO1-I1234 Audioserver: Systemmessage for Updating should not be displayed on music player
    • AUDIO1-I757 Music Player: no minimum event-time for bell event
    • Media Client: added support for AudioPlayer / Playergroup fix / central music
  • Stability
    • BG-I8665 Config crash when receiving invalid air monitor data
    • BG-I8478 Config crash when creating tree device
    • BG-I8460 Config crash when creating dali device
    • R12-I129 Config crash when editing text setting
    • BG-I8495 Config crash when changing actor of dimmer extension to SMART
    • R12-I97 Lightcontroller Gen 1: fixed config crash during simulation
    • Loxone Config crash when opening context menu of Schueco extension
    • BG-I8726 Config crash during eib search

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