Public Beta

Sie möchten unveröffentlichte Beta-Versionen testen und uns mit Ihrem Einsatz und Engagement helfen, unsere Haus- & Gebäudeautomationslösung zu verbessern? Ab sofort kann jeder leidenschaftlicher Technikfan unsere Beta-Software auf Herz und Nieren prüfen und uns mit wertvollen Verbesserungsvorschlägen unterstützen.


Public Beta

Sie möchten unveröffentlichte Beta-Versionen testen und uns mit Ihrem Einsatz und Engagement helfen, unsere Haus- & Gebäudeautomationslösung zu verbessern? Ab sofort kann jeder leidenschaftlicher Technikfan unsere Beta-Software auf Herz und Nieren prüfen und uns mit wertvollen Verbesserungsvorschlägen unterstützen.

Wichtige Hinweise

  • Bei unserer Betaversion handelt es sich um Softwareversionen, die noch nicht für die finale Veröffentlichung angedacht sind. Aus diesem Grund wird der Einsatz in kritischen Produktivumgebungen und bei Kundeninstallationen nicht empfohlen!
  • Verwenden Sie bei Ihrem Feedback zur neuen Software bitte das untenstehende Feedbackformular. Der Support behandelt ausschließlich Anfragen zur aktuellen Release Version.
  • Bitte verwenden Sie unser Feedback Formular nicht für etwaige Feature Wünsche!
  • Beachten Sie, dass wir unter Umständen nicht auf jedes Feedback reagieren können.

Vielen Dank im Voraus für Ihre Unterstützung als Beta-Tester!

Loxone Config 12.4 Beta 3

Um Ihren Miniserver auf Beta-Level zu setzten, führen Sie folgenden Befehl aus:


Um zurück auf Release-Level zu kommen, geben Sie folgendes ein: 


Technical Changelog Loxone Config / Miniserver

Technical Changelog Config 12.4 Beta 3:


  • IN1-T153 Intercom added setting to set number of saved bell images (Needs Intercom version greater than
  • Multiplicator:
    • Allow complete edit of inheriting Miniserver without detaching from the Multiplicator project
    • Edit settings of controls for each Miniserver individually directly in the Multiplicator project
    • Reintegrate changes made on an individual Miniserver back into the Multiplicator project
    • Updated UI
  • Added setting in document to set date format
  • Generic Table
    • Allow Empty of cell with delete key
    • Allow Copy & Paste with key shortcuts
  • Project Planning:
    • New Quadral Speakers
    • Updated US default file
  • NFC Code Touch Air binary: flash error handling improved
  • SmartThings Integration (Alpha)
  • Husqvarna Integration



  • [email protected]: Updated Documentation
  • Home Connect: Updated Documentation
  • BG-I16171 inconsistent naming for Outdoor-temperature
  • BG-I16164 System notifications cannot be sent by SMTP
  • BG-I16334 Music Extension cover-page: adapted Treeturbo-colours
  • BG-I16320 Music Extension: removed some speaker types
  • BG-I16350 System Status: not all users recognized as admin-users
  • Adapted default send cycle for air devices to 15 minutes
  • Api actor copy and paste not working
  • BG-I16240 Display of tree branch in document tree
  • Operating mode cant be disabled anymore after sps restart (when its used in a automatic rule)
  • BG-I15257 Allow connect of API actors to all outputs even if it does nothing
  • BG-I15618 Multi Edit dialog: Items shown twice when editing all objects with a certain setting
  • BG-I15756 Load Manager: Loads not visible in the App when there is an unconfigured one
  • BG-I16232 Log Level reset time not updated when setting level again
  • BG-I15925 Geo Coordinates Town written into ZIP code
  • BG-I16012 Changed auto configuration waiting text
  • BG-I16020 Drag and Drop of devices does not connect working reference
  • BG-I16127 Push Switch: Continuous Reset not ‚locking‘ function block
  • BG-I16077 Multiplicator: Config crash when adding Miniserver from Search
  • Miniserver Replace: No Info about Trusts
  • Miniserver Replace: No Info about Plugins which need to be repaired (e.g. Apple HomeKit)
  • BG-I16034 Multiplicator: Config crash when updating Miniservers
  • BG-I16131 Multiplicator: Tree filter hides Managed Miniservers caption
  • Learning Dialog: Invalid filter count
  • BG-I15867 Password reset shows error message when clicking Next at the right time
  • BG-I15611 Poolcontroller: Duration changes are not saved
  • BG-I16073 RS485/RS232: Protocols and Checksums not handled anymore
  • BG-I16230 UUIDs are always adapted when importing a new slave document, this results in loss of statistics
  • BG-I15664 Check validity of factory certificate and key with production webservice
  • BG-I16257 Network Learning Dialog: Config crash when deselecting Multi Edit row
  • BG-I15562 Operating Mode: remanence when set via autopilot
  • Presence-Detection: add support for RemoteAir
  • BG-I15954 Lighting controller wrong behaviour of Alarm when Ta = 0
  • BG-I15972 MS Go Extensions are not displayed in device status
  • BG-I16134 User Management-Dialog: new user has no rights, cannot be added to user groups
  • BG-I16166 Air-Monitor opens automatically when data is received
  • BG-I16096 Config is showing wrong device settings after teaching a Air device
  • Plugin Device-Learning: Type not displayed in learning-dialog, no default-name
  • BG-I15997 Tree Learning: already known devices are shown
  • BG-I14809 Climate Controller: prevent spamming of operating-mode
  • BG-I15989 MSV2: Tree shown at incorrect position
  • BG-I15990 Incorrect tree after directly loading from miniserver
  • BG-I15841 Drag/Drop of multiple sensors or actors does not connect to target control
  • BG-I15959 Wrong error message when connecting an API connector
  • MsGoV2, TreeToAir, AirBaseV2 new Firmware
    • fixed several bugs where the communication is totally down and only a airbase reboot could restore connectivity
  • BG-I14364 DMX-Learning: changed text for created type
  • BG-I12651 Tree Learning: Device switched to different extension not found in app
  • BG-I15364 Fixed sorting of Extensions
  • BG-I11756 Light-Controller: step up/down incorrect for small brightness-values
  • BG-I15923 Status Dialog: do not display room of Plugins
  • BG-I15906 Air-Monitor cannot be stopped
  • BG-I15928 Counter: parameter Ev allows decimal places
  • BG-I15929 Music Player: Buzzer-command for room favourite uses invalid version
  • Sequence Controller: some outputs not set to 0 with reset
  • Alarm: Current/Next level not sent correctly
  • QU1-I200 Detailed Device Info doesn’t show all information
  • BG-I15446 Automatic Rule function block does not have an API connector
  • BG-I15432 User management dialog: Changed Edit permissions button text
  • BG-I15476 Part List generation uses outdated products
  • BG-I15821 Document Tree update is slow
  • BG-I15875 Config crash when deleting control
  • BG-I15872 Increased timeout for update file transfer to Miniserver Gen.1
  • BG-I15885 Config crash when splitting stereo output
  • BG-I14364 DMX-Learning: changed text for created type
  • BG-I15882 Miniserver Convert: internal Tree not placed correctly
  • BG-I13604 Intelligent Roomcontroller: added capabilities for passive cooling
  • BG-I15816 Wrong error message when deleting a API connector
  • BG-I14368 Calendars: inconsistent naming for different countries
  • BG-I15825 Climate-Controller: EH/EC state not updated with reset-input
  • Pulse generator creates impulse before remanence is loaded
  • BG-I14469 Alarm: add state for „armed at“
  • BG-I15813 Musicserver Zone Deleting the API Connector breaks connections
  • BG-I15789 IRC / Climate Controller Climate Controller does not turn off
  • BG-I15818 Programm Page won’t show blocks after deleting extensions from the periphery tree
  • BG-I15360 & BG-I15459 Wrong error message when connecting an Api Connector
  • BG-I15774 Miniserver has invalid factory private key
  • BG-I15647 Connecting the Loxone Link between two Miniservers results in Miniserver-time jumps
  • BG-I15788 Multiplicator: Tree is not updated after renaming Miniserver in dialog
  • BG-I15778 Air Learning dialog shows result from previous air base
  • BG-I15295 Presence control: sensor cannot be unchecked after copy/paste
  • BG-I15755 Modbus TCP: delayed answers are lost when function code is different
  • BG-I15348 Api-Connector: automatically choose direction for new Leaf-Devices
  • BG-I13019 Lighting Group: no warning when adding mixed types
  • BG-I15157 Expert Mode: Changes of 1-Wire sensor not inherited by parent-device
  • BG-I13194 Skylight: invalid protection-state in app
  • BG-I15186 SD card systemmessage always shown on sd card of gateway
  • BG-I15222 Import of library file not working
  • BG-I15227 1-Wire search has no timeout
  • BG-I15326 Changed text of close button in format dialog
  • BG-I15355 Documentation of Stereo Extension not shown anymore
  • Drag and Drop of device from tree does not set room & name
  • BG-I15367 Some settings allow too many decimal places in numeric up down
  • BG-I15471 Tree learning dialog: Always show interaction column
  • BG-I15584 Learning dialogs: Multi edit line in search view
  • BG-I15357 Learning dialogs: Set Name column to empty per default
  • BG-I15505 Air Monitor stops when closing learning dialog
  • BG-I15508 Tree Turbo learning dialog: Acoustic identify always enabled
  • BG-I15519 Extension search can be started even if Miniserver is not ready
  • BG-I15519 Invalid/No selection after delete of control
  • BG-I15554 Tree states not updated after ‚Redo‘
  • BG-I15559 LiveView not stopped when closing volume threshold configuration dialog
  • BG-I15561 Presence sensor air shows settings which are not available in battery mode (volume)
  • BG-I15628 Alarm: Enable ‚State change‘ per Default
  • BG-I15581 Property window no context menu on disabled items
  • BG-I15502 Improved responsiveness of format dialog during format
  • BG-I15566 Automatically load out from Miniserver when new file is created
  • BG-I15434 Virtual Output: Made http settings titles easier understandable
  • BG-I15359 Determining Geo Coordinates: Set address to the one used for the geo coordinates
  • BG-I15583 Can’t open webinterface when local address has not been filled (fallback to hostname and to connected address)
  • BG-I15638 Drag and Drop does not connect multiple outputs
  • BG-I15576 Debug Monitor: Can’t search next result with enter
  • BG-I15575 Debug Monitor: Allow line selection with keys
  • BG-T2604 Custom certificate not working when Miniserver never had a Loxone certificate
  • Control not shown as selected when hovering over it with dragging control
  • BG-I15014 Importing Documents can create duplicate network devices
  • BG-I15572 Enable drag/drop of multiple Stereo-Extensions / Network-devices
  • BG-I15552 Touch & Grill: second T5 is lost
  • BG-I15377 Climatecontroller: Ib does not affect H2
  • BG-I15569 Remove „insecure password“-messagebox
  • BG-I15568 Remove „project was adjusted“-messagebox
  • BG-I15573 Presence Detection: do not send hey-times to battery-devices
  • BG-I15443 Unconfigured Windowsmonitor not loading in app
  • BG-I15332 Lightcontroller: master-switch incorrect
  • BG-I15220 Media Control: command-cell should not be editable
  • BG-I14910 Heat Mixer: Min/Max settings not considered in Stop-Mode
  • BG-I15392 Usermanagement: inherited group-rights not available in webservice
  • BG-I15318 Automatic scene: invalid state after reboot
  • BG-I14103 Diagnostic window: label cut-off
  • BG-I15095 Memory flag as unnecessary display type settings
  • BG-I15163 Allow frequency mode ‚None‘ for analog inputs
  • BG-I15182 Invalid icons in multi edit view for some analog inputs/outputs
  • BG-I15200 Hidden tree branch shown in multi edit dialog
  • BG-I15221 Control linking selection dialog is not sized to screen size
  • BG-I15212 Connection reference name not updated when connected to a lighting controller
  • BG-I15213 Drag and Drop: Inheriting of room/category from page not working properly
  • BG-I15216 Device does not inherit room/category of page when API actor is inserted
  • BG-I15385 Connection window takes a while to disappear when doing a drag and drop on a control
  • BG-I15384 Generic View (e.g. Learning dialogs) deselecting rows not possible
  • BG-I15300 Status block: Minus values are rounded incorrectly on text output
  • BG-I15438 Time inputs are shown with correction value during liveview
  • BG-I15528 API Connector: Edges are not forced & text commands not working
  • API Connector: Light Controller T5 pulse command not working
  • High CPU usage when opening documentation view
  • BG-I14314 Touch & Grill: Temperatures are reseted when device goes to sleep
  • BG-I15292 Stereo Extension displayed wrong in device status
  • BG-I15315 Automatic positioning not properly working for controls with API connector & Api connector gets hidden automatically in some cases
  • BG-I14375 Reduced height of Miniserver configuration dialog to fit on small screens
  • BG-I15347 Scene: Output show button is drawn outside of the control
  • BG-I15327 Adding mode output while multiple modes are selected results in adding unwanted inputs
  • BG-I15280 Control conversion does not use api connectors
  • BG-I14421 Project View disappears while formatting SD card

Light Controller

  • BG-I15901 Dialog: missing info in automatic-tab
  • BG-I14226 Lighting controller + Presence block + Touch switches moods twice
  • BG-I14275 Incorrect movement-mood after reset
  • BG-I15436 Changes of TH/MT do not recalculate active timers
  • BG-I13423 Exchanging output-types not possible
  • Master-Brightness not blocked by Input Dis

Sequence Controller

  • BG-I14961 Execution stops after time correction
  • BG-I14968 Fixed auto format + serialise of text-commands
  • BG-I15339 Fixed moved control before cancelling dialog
  • BG-I15845 Invalid indentation while creating if statement
  • BG-I15846 Invalid line break when inserting function

Project Planning

  • BG-I15174 No Air devices for button preselection
  • BG-I15437 Hidden items visible in excel file
  • BG-I15365 No proper message when planning is closed without saving
  • BG-I15201 Intercom has installation place set even if it does not have one
  • Project Planning US: Missing Damper and Panels

Auto Configuration

  • BG-I15226 Auto Configuration: Light Controller in Thoroughfare has invalid Inputs set
  • BG-I15620 Auto Configuration: DisP on Lighting Controller connected multiple times

Intelligent Roomcontroller

  • BG-I14819 Invalid timer-duration during active operating-times
  • BG-I14819 Modes via operating-times don’t trigger preheating

Automatic Designer

  • BG-I14954 Description gets lost when creating new Rule
  • BG-I14253 Rule cant be opened after adding visu-password to control
  • BG-I13363 Rule placed on invalid page


  • A3D9-T615 Audio Player: Adapted description of TTS-Volume
  • A3D9-T619 Audio Player: enable/disable airplay via setting and expert mode
  • BG-I16100 Audioserver Configuration shows „Show on map“ button


  • BG-I15238 Intercom control not properly reset when restarting simulation
  • BG-I15429 Intercom identify won’t stop if Audioserver was selected after intercom
  • BG-I15798 Intercom has Installation place option when inserting it
  • Deviceproxy: Added connect retries for Intercom
  • Intercom: wrong device status message shown when paired during pairing window

Devices & Extensions

  • New Binaries for AirbaseV2, MsGoV2, Tree2Air Bridge, SmartsocketV2 (Version
    • RouteFail bug, route is dropped to fast
    • Neighbour Discovery bug, neighbour is not always added
  • BG_T2595 Windowsensor_V2: New binaries fixing flash NMI exception
  • BG_T2596 AlarmButtonAir: New binaries fixing flash NMI exception
  • BG_T2598 AlarmWristbandAir: New binaries fixing flash NMI exception
  • Touch Tree: New binaries fixing temperature/humidity measurement bug in new devices
  • AirbaseV2: reworked data handling (under development)
  • New Airbase Version for AirBase_V2 fixing fragmentation problems
  • new binaries for NanoIO with touch top module: improved touch pure responsiveness
  • Firmware Update Airbase_V2: fixed memory bug, fixed fragmentation problems with huge packets (e.g.: ir control air commands)
  • Update Air V3 (new firmware for AirbaseV2, Miniserver Go V2, Tree2Air-Bridge, SmartsocketV2) to Firmware Version
    • reduced load when pairing devices
    • fixed bug in route handling
  • Roomsensor Tree: added error handling for sensor communication
  • Identify: added a short delay on identify output (stepping through devices could cause an communication overload and therefore cause troubles in air pairing)


  • BG-I15328 & BG-I15341 Config crash when opening config file
  • BG-I15313 Config crash when deleting air device while air monitor is active
  • BG-I15507 Config crash while saving to Miniserver during update
  • BG-I15165 Config crash when starting simulation with frequency mode enabled on weather inputs
  • BG-I15486 Possible Lockup of SPS when saving to Miniserver
  • BG-I15988 Config crash showing cover-page
  • Config crash when showing search results in QuickSearch

Loxone Audioserver Beta

Um Ihren Audioserver auf das Beta Update-Level zu setzen führen Sie folgenden Befehl aus:


Nach der Bestätigung können Sie die Aktualisierung im Webinterface des Audioserver durchführen.
Ist Ihr Audioserver bereits auf Beta Update-Level, so können Sie zukünftige Updates einfach und bequem in der Loxone App durchführen. 


Steht Ihnen aktuell keine aktive Internetverbindung zur Verfügung, spielen Sie die UPD-Datei über die Netzwerkfreigabe des Audioserver ein. Unter Windows erreichen Sie diese durch das Eingeben der IP-Adresse oder des Hostname in Ihrem Windows Explorer nach folgenden Schema: 

\\IP-Audioserver oder \\hostname


Kopieren Sie die Datei in den Ordner „Updates“ und nach kurzer Zeit wird das Update automatisch installiert. Der Audioserver befindet sich nach einem Neustart auf der installierten Beta-Version.

Um Ihren Audioserver wieder zurück auf Release-Level zu setzen führen Sie einfach folgenden Befehl aus: 


Technical Changelog Loxone Audioserver


Technical Changelog Loxone Audioserver Beta 

Known Issues: 2022_01_13


  • Volmode & fixed Volume from Loxone Config
  • New software platform for better synchronicity
  • Improvements for installations with multiple Audioservers
  • New AirPlay 2 SDK version for better handling, especially with grouped outputs
  • Increase in performance and responsiveness
  • Improved performance when playing Spotify
  • Audio player now fully supports control presets (save and restore)


  • NAS Samba version detection (Synology NAS Firmware differences)
  • SPDIF conversion, especially fixes stuttering when using SPDIF converter/adapter


  • Mastervolume scaling when starting at 0
  • apply offset volume before maxvolume
  • missing EOS signal to other AS
  • spdif fixed volume control
  • Maxvolume clipping at max, not scaling anymore
  • handle spotify error ‚bad gateway‘ and notify
  • suppress events if player is playing and event Volume param is 0
  • audio/X/stop causing other players in autogroup stopping too
  • fix appending to queue causing wrong playback in stacked AS environments
  • correct urlencode output to app for getroomfavs
  • overall communication stability improved
  • TTS stuck events
  • Generating TTS messages in parallel results in damaged audio files that cannot be played
  • TTS hang events & restoring
  • TTS volume slider to 0 caused a crash of Audioserver
  • TTS empty files
  • delay for TTS and other events
  • crash with spotify
  • deadlock with source stream changes
  • Airplay recovery after audioserver reboot
  • playlist shuffle mode for library playlist
  • Communication Bug to Miniserver causing external Connections not working to Audioserver
  • AirPlay configuration with stereo outputs on Audio Extensions

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Public Beta Newsletter

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