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Do you want to be able to have your sauna exactly the way you want it? Loxone offers the ability to create individual sauna programs - read on to find out what Loxone can do with your sauna.

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The Possibilities with Loxone

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Your Sauna - Your Way!

Everyone's different. That's why Loxone lets you change the temperature, humidity, light and aroma of your sauna however you want.

With Loxone, everyone can set up their own individual sauna programme. All you need to do it select your individual programme with a switch on the wall, and enjoy your sauna session. You can also change any of the settings quickly and easily with a smartphone or tablet whenever you want.

Monitor for Improved Security

Loxone's sauna control protects your sauna and your home through intelligent monitoring.

You can monitor your sauna's temperature, humidity, smoke emission, door opening, occupancy... The sauna control will alert you if something's not right.

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Control Your Sauna Remotely

Turn on your sauna remotely - whether you're out for a winter walk or on your way back from work.

With an iPhone, Android phone, tablet or notebook on you, you've always got access to your Loxone system, meaning your sauna can be ready and waiting for you when you get in out the cold!

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To control your sauna remotely, there are extensive safety regulations in place that you need to be aware of. Please refer to current laws and regulations.

The Miniserver - Total Control of Your Sauna

The Miniserver is the heart of our home automation solution.

Home automation with Loxone offers so much more than just sauna control, though. You can also control your lighting, heating, alarm system and so much more, making Loxone the perfect control system for your home.

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Interested in finding out more about controlling your sauna with the Miniserver? About maybe learning more about Loxone in general?  

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