Smart Alarm

In a Loxone Smart Home, you don’t need loads of additional expensive equipment to have a smart alarm. The devices needed such as motion sensors, window and door contacts, etc will already be installed for other functionality throughout your home. Meaning you can achieve a smart alarm, which protects you and your family, with minimal uplift in cost. 

How will my smart alarm protect me?

Your smart alarm will not only protect you from burglary – it will detect any water leaks, warn you of any dangers such as smoke or fire and also protect you and your family’s privacy. As soon as your smart alarm system detects any danger, you’ll be immediately informed via our app (or even by a phone call). In addition, your smart alarm can make you aware of any issue by flashing the lights throughout your home – decreasing the chances of you missing the all-important warning.

Which products do I need for my smart alarm system?

The great thing about Loxone is that you don’t need loads of additional expensive hardware to achieve a comprehensive smart alarm system. Simply by using existing components such as Motion Sensors, Door & Windows Contacts, Water Sensors, lighting and even your blinds the majority of your smart alarm system is already in place. 

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Surveillance with Loxone

With the Loxone Intercom you can see who’s approaching your home at any time from anywhere. You can also integrate various surveillance systems into your smart home thanks to the extremely flexible nature of Loxone. 

Privacy in my
smart home

With Loxone, your data never leaves your home. Unlike many other smart home systems, none of your data is processed in a cloud – all logic is processed locally on your Miniserver. This means that everything from the number of residents, movements, camera images from the Intercom, etc. remain within your home.  

Am I safe from cyber-attacks?

With Loxone, you don’t need to use an online cloud. This means a Loxone Smart Home works without an internet connection. So there is no danger that cybercriminals can access your home via a central point of access. 

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