Loxone Mailer Service

With the new Loxone Mailer Service block it is now simple and easy to setup your Miniserver to send you emails.

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Setup the Loxone Mailer Service

The Miniserver does not support SSL-Encrypted mail servers, so if you do not have access to a mail server with PLAIN authentication use the Loxone Mailer Service to send emails.

Step 1: Add the Loxone Mailer Service

In Loxone Configuration click on Messages in the periphery tree window. You will now see the mailer options listed in the Context tab bar at the top. Click on Loxone Mailer Service. This will now add the mailer into the periphery tree underneath Messages.

Step 2: Enter details

Click on the Loxone Mailer Service in the periphery tree window and in the properties edit the name of the mailer, fill in the recipient email address and type in a subject for the email that is sent. You can also use the mailer to send you emails for system changes with the Miniserver.

Step 3: Enter a body to the email

Now drag the Loxone Mailer Service on to a page in the program. In the properties you will now see boxes under the section Logger/Mail/Call/Track to enter text for the body of the email. Message when ON/analogue changes will be the message that is sent when the mailer is activated. Message when OFF is the message that is sent when the mailer state then goes to off. You can also set the minimum time interval for emails to be sent.

Step 4: Trigger the email

Now you need to link the output of the mailer to something that will trigger the email being sent. 

For example you could use the mailer to alert you about leaving a window open: