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Download one of our sample configurations and see how easy it is to configure and edit your Loxone Smart Home

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We have a wide range of videos on our Video Channel, which cover topics such as wiring up your Miniserver, how to get started with Loxone config, and introductions to some of our products.

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Sample files

See our sample configurations below and discover how simple it is to set up your Loxone system. 

Caution: Please use always the latest version of our configuration software with the sample files.

Smart Home Programming

For full details of how to carry out a project including planning, scoping customer requirements and installation, book your place on our 'Project Days' training course now.

zip // 69.84 KB


Demo Case Default Configuration

This is the default configuration file that is included with the Demo Case.

zip // 18.38 KB


Gate control

This configuration file shows how you can use Loxone to control your gate and access systems.

zip // 9.15 KB


iButton Access

This file was created for a blog post on access, and shows how simple and versatile iButtons can be for access with Loxone.

zip // 9.32 KB


Zoned alarm

This file shows how to use multiple burglar alarm blocks to create alarm zones throughout your house.

zip // 10.83 KB


Using lighting for an alarm

This configuration file shows you how to use the Central block with lighting controllers and the burglar alarm block to flash your lights when the alarm is triggered.

zip // 10.02 KB


Home cinema

Loxone can be used to set up macros so that you can bring on multiple AV devices and set them to the right sources, volume levels etc. This example shows how to set up a basic macro system for a home cinema using a AVR, BluRay player, projector and Sky box.

zip // 22.36 KB


Integrating Sonos with Loxone

This example shows how Sonos can be integrated with Loxone. Using 4 essential buttons (Play/Pause, Volume Up, Volume Down, Next Station) it's very simple to control your Sonos system without the need for an external controller.

zip // 9.63 KB


Loxone Music Server

See how to configure your Miniserver to work with our Loxone Music Server. This file uses our recommended pushbutton setup.

zip // 25.51 KB


Automatic blind control

Example configuration for automatic blinds which adjust themselves according to the sun's position. The video shows in more detail how to use Loxone and the blind function blocks.

zip // 10.70 KB


Grouped blind control

Using the Blind function blocks with Loxone Config you can control all the blinds in your house from buttons or the user interface. This configuration file shows how to control blinds in groups using the Central block.

zip // 8.29 KB


Simple blind control

Using the Blind function blocks with Loxone Config you can control all the blinds in your house from buttons or the user interface. This configuration file also shows how to open/close all the blinds centrally.

zip // 7.80 KB


EIB KNX - Miniserver for logic

In this file we show how to use the Miniserver to make all your logic decisions with a basic configuration of group addresses for the KNX sensors and actuators.

zip // 6.84 KB


EIB KNX - Miniserver for user interface

If you want to use the Loxone Miniserver just to give your KNX installation a simple and easy to use user interface then we recommend using our EIB specific blocks. This file shows you the 3 blocks with their suggested configuration.

zip // 7.00 KB


Smart water harvesting

One of the main reasons to use Loxone is to save energy and conserve resources. This configuration file shows you how to do just that for rain water harvesting.

zip // 14.43 KB


Heating control

In this sample file, you'll see how to control your heating with Loxone and how to set up an intelligent room controller. See the video for more information on the intelligent room controller function block.

zip // 13.69 KB


Heating control of a thermal store

In this sample file, you'll see how to control a more complex heating system that includes a thermal store.

zip // 17.71 KB


Shading and heating

Check out this file to see how to use your blinds to control the temperatures in your rooms.

zip // 8.68 KB


Lighting control with scenes

Example configuration for lighting control using scenes with the Lighting Controller function block. The video shows you how to configure lighting in more detail!

zip // 8.32 KB


Lighting control with switches

Example configuration for lighting control with a simple switch, motion sensor lighting in a study, and staircase or landing light control. The video shows how to configure this in more detail!

zip // 6.97 KB


Outdoor lighting

Find out how to control your outside lights in different ways, from manual to fully automatic, in this configuration file!

zip // 10.24 KB


Using the timer switch

This config file shows you how to use the timer in both analogue and digital mode, with two examples.

zip // 10.01 KB


Wake on LAN

This example shows you how simple it is to turn on your laptop or computer with Loxone.

zip // 5.95 KB


Communication between Miniservers

Using our software from version 5 onwards multiple Miniservers can send information between each other so that only one user interface is needed to control all the Miniservers. This file shows how to do this for an alarm and heating in a main house and annex.

zip // 18.45 KB


Smart Home UK

You can download the file for the three bed room typical UK home that we use in our Smart Home UK study on our website under the Purchase section.

zip // 30.14 KB


Archive: Tutorials & Previous Webinars

In our seminar archive, you'll find previously recorded online seminars, covering a variety of topics from lighting to Loxone config.

Please note: the videos in our archive may contain information that is outdated - you can find our most recent videos either directly on our YouTube channel, or via our Video Channel.

Loxone 3.5 - Discover the new features

Version 3.5 includes many new features, pushing the boundaries of what you can do in your smart home even further! We will give you a tour thorugh the new interface and point out new functions like the intercom and intelligent room controller.

Intelligent room controller & automatic shading

With the new intelligent room controller you no longer have to specify when you want your heating to be on, but simply at what times you want the room to be at a set temperature. In the summer it can also look after shading or active cooling.

The new IR Extension in action

In this seminar we will show you how you can use the new Loxone IR Extension to control IR devices like your TV or DVD player etc, as well as explain how any IR remote can become the controller for your whole smart home.

Lighting control with Loxone

In this seminar we'll take you through the functions of the lighting control function block and when to use them. We'll also show you the best ways to control lighting in your house with a Miniserver, dimmer and DMX.

Integrating a video-intercom with the Loxone app

In this seminar, you'll learn how to integrate a video-intercom with Loxone. This will enable you to get the camera's image over the app or web interface and also speak through the intercom from wherever you are.

Best practices - a complex lighting control example

In this online seminar, we'll look at best practices for configuring your Miniserver using the example of a complex lighting control. We'll look at various things including project settings, labelling and naming conventions, pages and page defaults, using the central page, memory flags, constants, and virtual inputs.

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