Push Notifications

How to setup Push Notifications for alerts.

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Push notifications are messages that pop-up on your phone or tablet, to keep you informed about important events within your Smart Home. This can also be used for system notifications, block notifications (on specific function blocks) & custom notifications.
These notifications can be limited to apply to specific user groups, and can be enabled/disabled through the settings section in the Loxone Smart Home App.
There is a maximum of 200 push notifications that can be sent in any one day.

Examples of Use

To notify yourself when someone has pressed the doorbell, or when your burglar alarm has been set off.

Types of Push Notifications

  • Notifications from Function Blocks:
    Certian fuction blocks will send out predefined messages:

    • Sauna (with or without evapotator)

      • Temperature reached

      • Warning maximum temperature exceeded

      • Warning maximum operation duration exceeded

    • Door Controller (Intercom)

      • Doorbell notification

    • Burglar Alarm

      • Every alarm level & information about the sensor
    • Alarm System

      • Silent alarm and any further alarm stages configured will appear as push notifications through the app.
    • Fire Alarm

      • Every alarm level & information about the sensor

    • Maintenance Counter 

      • Service notification

  • User defined messages:
    Allow any custom messages and are used like the Mailer and Logger in Loxone Config

  • System Notifications: 
    Akin to the Loxone Mailer system notifications will alert you about errors that hav occured with your Loxone installation. 


To add a new Push Notification, press F4 to add a new periphery item, and type in "Push Notification" to add this to your configuration.
There will now be a new item in your Periphery tree called "Push Notification" that can be dragged onto your configuration page. 
You can now click on the Push Notification and within its properties define a message and assign a user group.
Within the Loxone Smart Home App you can enable/disable push notifications alltogether, and also specify what types of messages to receive (e.g. System Messages, Custom Messages, Function Block Messages).
Please note that the Push Notification registration is stored in the configuration file. After enabling push notifications in the app, ensure you "Load from Miniserver" so you do not overwrite the registration. This is much like how lighting scenes work, so it is good pracitce to "Load from Miniserver" after returning to a config that has been used and customised through the app.