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Instructions for setting up the IR Meter Reader Air

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The Loxone IR Meter Reader Air allows for direct reading of electronic meters with an infrared interface.

This information is then relayed using Loxone Air Technology.

Technical Specifications

  • Power supply: via Micro USB or directly with 14-24 VDC
  • Frequency: 868 MHz (SRD band Europe)
  • Power Consumption: 90mW at 5V DC
  • Operating temperature: 0...+55°C
  • Convenient mounting by magnet

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The data is populated once per minute. If there is a change in the transfer of power by more than 4%, then this data is processed immediately.

Pairing the
Loxone IR Meter Reader Air

1. Installing and connecting the IR Meter Reader Air

The IR Meter Reader can be powered by Micro USB or directly with 14 and 24V DC. Once powered, the IR Meter Reader Air can be mounted to the electricity meter using the magnet. In order to ensure a stable connection, the device should be mounted in such a way that the text on the housing is the right way around and the USB plug is at the bottom.

2. Learning in the IR Meter Reader Air

In order for the IR Meter Reader Air to be learnt in, the learning mode must be activated.

Initial pairing:

After powering on the IR Meter Reader Air, learning mode is automatically started and remains in this state until:

  • The IR Meter Reader Air has been successfully connected to the Miniserver
  • 10 minutes has gone by without connecting to the Miniserver


Activate learning mode manually:

You can also manually put the device into learning mode. First, turn off the power to the IR Meter Reader Air and then turn it back on. Within 10 seconds of it powering up, press the learning button for at least 5 seconds. The IR Meter Reader Air is now back in learning mode.

Once the unit is in learning mode, the status LEDs alternate flashing red, green and yellow.

Now you need to activate 'Air Device Search'. Select the 'Air Base Extension' in the periphery in Loxone Config, select the 'Air' tab along the top menu and click on 'Air Device Search'.

Air devices in learn mode will now start appearing on the list.

Next, select the specific device, enter a name, assign a room and click 'Create Device'. The IR Meter Reader Air will now be listed in the periphery tree.

3. Enter the AES key (Only with AMIS meters)

In order to receive data from the meter, you must enter the unique AES key in the IR Meter Reader Air properties. Your unique AES key can be requested here.

Replacing the device

If the device needs to be replaced, this can easily be changed via Air Monitor in Loxone Config:

  • Install the device and power it up
  • Search for the Air device in learning mode (see initial pairing)
  • Select the newly learnt-in device and from the drop down menu, select the device that needs to be replaced
  • Click the 'Replace device' button

Then save these settings into the Miniserver.

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