Special applications

Discover unique benefits in automated homes, breweries, wellness studios and more.

Technology with a personalized approach for new builds, indoors and out.

Ambient Assisted Living Kitchen Features

Custom solutions for smart homes

It’s possible for technology to adapt to your needs at any age, any lifestyle. Especially for Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) solutions, automation can support people by taking care of tasks in the background while a caregiver can monitor functions remotely in the app.

Alarms, lights, audio and more work seamlessly with AAL products to offer more peace of mind and comprehensive security.

Personalize settings to suit your routines and unique needs.

Our tip: Customized solutions are not just for new builds. You can retrofit any home to benefit from simplified technology.

Custom solutions for commercial

No matter your business offerings, you can find a personalized approach to make operations easier in breweries, chicken farms, spa & wellness studios and more unique businesses.

For new builds or retrofit, you can benefit from personalized automation solutions in your special application.

Our tip: AAL products have more functionality up to your own creativity – a button for counter service or emergencies, a wristband for warehouse deliveries and more.

Wellness studio automation features

Features & benefits

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Scalability in any project

For example, AAL solutions in a home can fully extend to a caregiving facility.

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Works with many interfaces

Integrate with a wide range of systems. As long as they’re open to communicate back.

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Prevent hazards

Safely monitor household appliances or systems in a building, with instant deactivation if necessary.

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Reminders & announcements

A text-to-speech notice can play at specified times.

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Routine check

Predefined behaviors can help a caregiver, or business owner, monitor day-to-day activities.

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Emergency access

Get quick access at the time of emergency. Lights flash and the door opens automatically.


Features for AAL & more

A comprehensive solution with products and sensors that work together offers the most all-around security. Get complete functionality and monitoring in the Loxone App.

Our AAL Button products are versatile in both emergency and everyday situations

Touch switches are easy for anyone to control lights, music and more

Unique features include fall detection, emergency calls, reminders

Make specific changes and easily monitor all functions in the Loxone App


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