Efficiency & Excellence in Every Store

We firmly believe that your company will benefit from intelligent automation. Driven by innovative ideas, we make your building management more energy-efficient, your branches safer and the customer experience even better.

Loxone: Your toolbox for optimizing your stores and maximizing your profits.

Comprehensive energy management thanks to unique software

Loxone offers a globally unique, holistic energy management system. We not only measure the energy flows in your buildings – we control them intelligently and thus increase the efficiency in the building.

The energy saved in this way significantly shortens the ROI period.

The many advantages of building automation with Loxone

Highly modular and freely scalable

Would you like to start “small” or are you not quite sure which features you would like to implement? No problem! Loxone can be expanded and customized at any time.

Intelligent automation instead of operation

A building equipped with Loxone knows what to do by itself and relieves your employees of many tasks. It also creates a pleasant environment – for employees and customers.

Free software and visualization

Our software is absolutely free. With the Multiplicator, we have developed a software tool specifically for chain stores that allows a predefined setup to be easily transferred to numerous buildings.

Quick and easy installation

Our extensive partner network of over 25,000 trained Loxone experts worldwide supports you in the realization of your projects.

Perfect customer experience at all locations

You have put a lot of love into building your brand. We make sure that your customers enjoy the perfect customer experience everywhere.

For new & existing buildings

With the Loxone Miniserver, the entire world of building automation is open to you. Whether it’s a new build or a retrofit project.

One system, everything under control

Our unique 360° approach guarantees central control of all functions in the building and combines them in a single visualization. So you have everything in view. Whether energy, lighting, multimedia, security or…

Proactive monitoring, minimized maintenance effort

Be informed of irregularities via email, Caller Service and push notifications. This enables a quick response and minimizes the personnel required for maintenance work.

Maximize your profits

From simple implementation to unique energy management and minimized maintenance, Loxone ensures that you operate your buildings as efficiently as possible – and maximize your profits.

Building automation across multiple locations

With Exosphere, we have developed an innovative tool. It is the central point for visualizing and controlling all your buildings, enabling unprecedented efficiency in the management, monitoring and maintenance of your automation projects.

Gerald Geiger
Head of Construction, Energy & Technology, SPAR

With Loxone, we have found a partner that allows us to quickly, easily and flexibly combine all external systems into one system. «

» With Loxone, we have found a partner that allows us to quickly, easily and flexibly combine all external systems into one system.«

Gerald Geiger

Head of Construction, Energy & Technology, SPAR

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Outstanding product quality

Our claim goes far beyond the daily saving of resources through our products. That’s why we follow a clear principle in development and production: “Designed in Austria. Made in Europe.”

High-quality materials, simple installation by the Loxone partner and intuitive operation by the user are equally important to us.

All features you need for success

With our building automation for chain stores, you retain control of all features – from lighting and heating control to audio control.

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