Building Automation
for Hotels & Restaurants

A single system to automate all technical facilities of a hotel. Simple to maintain and operate which saves time, reduces costs and increases comfort. Rely on a future-proof solution, infinite scalability and a worldwide network with thousands of Loxone Partners who will implement your project. Loxone enables a consistent guest experience, from entering the hotel or room for the first time, through the entire stay to departure.

from the start of the project
to the day-to-day business

Even when building a hotel, Loxone’s simple wiring and logical structure helps to save time and money in planning, configuration and installation. Loxone supports all common interfaces and a rapidly growing network of cooperations ensures that there are no limits to the choice of technical building equipment. Comprehensive retrofit options with Loxone Air ensure that you can also benefit from building automation even in existing buildings.

During you dayily operations later on, the synergy of using Loxone for the smart networking of all aspects of a building comes into play. Work processes for employees are made easier and more efficient. Instead of countless individual technology islands with their own usage requirements, Loxone provides an appealing visualization. In the spirit of Loxone, the necessary interventions by users in the automation are reduced to a minimum.

What industry professionals have to say:

In order to be able to offer our guests the perfect environment for their vacation, with Loxone we have everything in view and can intervene at any time if necessary – no matter where we are. Compared to our guests, who can and are only allowed to intervene in certain functions. «

Thomas Vrtl

MONS. Suites Wine Passion

When I finally discovered all the possibilities of Loxone, I was immediately excited about the technology in a smart building. The Lakaz Restaurant is one of our implementations here in Mauritius and offers a perfect example of what is possible in lighting through Loxone. «

Emanuel Blais

CEO, One Touch Domotics

Room Control and Management

Communication with the property management system ensures that check-in, cleaning and check-out go hand in hand. All smart room functions such as access, mood lighting, audio, heating and air conditioning are reset to the standard you have defined after check-out – at one location or a global network of locations.

Lighting Design Throughout the Hotel

The right lighting, at the right moment. Whether working lighting, mood lighting or ambient lighting, indoors or outdoors. Even the pool lighting can be put in the spotlight with Loxone. With just one click, the right lighting mood for normal operation, a celebration or many other scenarios can be activated in the restaurant.

The Guest Experience

Loxone’s aim is for guests to feel completely safe and comfortable. Lighting, climate, shading, access and multimedia work together to create a unique experience for guests. If operation is necessary, this can be done intuitively using a tablet or touch-sensitive switches.

Audio Zonen in the Whole Hotel

In addition to the lighting design, a well thought-out audio design with different audio zones fundamentally influences the emotional guest experience. With the Loxone Audioserver or the Miniserver Compact, you can bring music, announcements and alarm functions to every corner of the hotel.

Facility Management and Safety

Die Verwaltung eines Gebäudes wird für das Facility Management so einfach wie noch nie. Eine Oberfläche zeigt alle Teilbereiche und das System schickt im Notfall wie zum Beispiel bei Wassereintritt oder Feuer eine Benachrichtigung und löst eine Alarmierungskette aus. Der Sturm- und Frostschutz schützt die Beschattung, während Klimasensoren Feuchte, Luftqualität und Temperatur im Gebäude messen. Das Gebäude schützt sich selbst und seine Gäste.

Reduction of Energy Costs and CO2 Emissons

A networked system not only ensures an increase in efficiency in work processes, but also in particular in energy management. Only booked rooms are heated to the desired temperature. Operating costs can be drastically reduced in times of high energy costs if energy is used sensibly and not wasted. A side effect is the reduction of your CO2 emissions.

Loxone Products Specially Developed for the Hotel Industry

Touch Pure Flex

The customizable control element for hotel rooms. Occupied only with the functions that your guests and employees need. Can be used as a thermostat and for temperature control with the integrated temperature and humidity sensor. If audio functions are used in the hotel room, these can also be controlled via this flexible Loxone control element.

Miniserver Compact

The Miniserver Compact fits into any electrical panel and provides all modern Loxone technologies. Its high performance makes it a future-proof control unit for every type of room. It controls access, lighting, shading, climate, ventilation and multimedia.

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