Smart lighting control

Think beyond the typical “on/off” automation.

Lights offer more functionality and benefits with automated controls in smart homes and buildings.

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Wellness-driven lighting control for smart homes

In each room, lights know how and when to adjust according to predefined settings, detection of motion and sound from presence sensors and even natural lighting levels.

In this way, lighting control supports your wellness and energy levels while reducing energy costs throughout the day.

Whether you’re just waking up in the morning, cooking a meal or entertaining guests, your lights will have the flexibility to meet your needs and bring you simple joy.

Our tip: Use indirect lighting with LED Strips along the ceiling or below the counter for more impact in each room.

Energy-efficient lighting control for commercial

Operating a business becomes easier with “all on or off” functionality, away modes and more that make it less work to set the right atmosphere in any room.

No matter if it’s a small business or multi-story hotel, the benefits of lighting control for the owner extend even further to employees and guests.

Smart controls reduce energy consumption while you can monitor and change all lighting in the Loxone App.

Our tip: In addition to our LED lighting products, you can integrate almost any light fixture on the market.

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Features & benefits

icon energy

Energy savings

In addition to presence detection, “double- or triple-tap” features on switches turn off a whole room or building respectively.

Smart lights security

Flashing alerts

In addition to a blasting security alarm, the lights will flash to play a role in a multi-phase alarm.

Bell icon

Respond to natural light

Depending on time of day and sunlight levels, the lights will adjust on their own to reach optimal lighting levels.


icon dimming

Smoothest dimming

Loxone lights offer a gentle transition from any color that’s easy on the eyes.

NFC Code Touch icon

Supports wellness and productivity

Tunable warm and cool white lighting supports your productivity and focus during tasks throughout the day.


House icon

Presence simulation

Lighting can become programmed to mimic your routine lighting habits and coordinate with shading.

LED lights and accessories

We specially develop our own low-voltage lighting products to make sure each is made with the highest quality – by design, luminosity and energy consumption. Designed for use in any smart home or commercial property.

Easily control any low- or high-voltage lights you choose

Switch between your core lighting scenes with just a tap on a Touch switch

Manage lighting settings instantly in the Loxone App

Loxone even supports interfaces like DMX and DALI


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