Automated HVAC controls for any system

Save up to 40% on energy costs without even trying.

Smart heating and cooling that knows how to adjust itself.

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HVAC control for smart homes

For the first time, you can keep a cool 65º in the bedroom with a pleasant 70º in the living room. Set your desired individual temperatures and there’s no further action needed on your part for each room to feel exactly as you like it.

No matter if you are home or away, your system will know how it should maintain an optimal temperature according to your schedule, presence detection and even weather outside. If your needs change, you can easily make changes right in the Loxone App.

Our tip: A smart HVAC system controlled by Loxone uses 40% less energy with individual room control.

HVAC control for commercial buildings

In any size commercial building, the system maximizes control of heating and cooling throughout any individual rooms, used or unused. Especially when it comes to apartments or hotels, the flexibility extends to the entire building.

Operating a business becomes easier with away modes, presence detection and more that make it less work and energy costs to keep every room comfortable to suit your needs.

Our tip: Different users in the app, such as employees and management, can have different access rights when it comes to changing temperature and more.

Smart HVAC Solutions in Lounge

Features & benefits

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Individual room control

Maintain different temperatures in different rooms automatically.

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Reduce wasted energy

Heating and cooling will not go wasted on unoccupied rooms.

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Away modes

When it’s time for work or a weekend away, a “triple-tap” on a switch will lower the heating and cooling.

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Works without a “smart” thermostat

The system responds to your set schedule so it’s not necessary to make changes. Ever. 

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Adjusts itself for you

The “brain” of the system can be programmed based on behaviors and routines like arriving home from work.

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Full app control

Control and monitor the heating and cooling, and the permissions to do so, in each room.


Products for room climate

Discover our complete range of reliable, energy efficient products to maintain your ideal room climate.

It all starts with a motorized HVAC Damper installed in each room.

Touch switches that control lights and music have built-in temperature sensors

Presence sensors also let the system know how to adjust if you’re present or away

Loxone works with any HVAC system on the market


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