Loxone Explained: AAL Alerting Chain

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12. October 2022

The topic of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) - i.e. the support of elderly or impaired people - is very dear to our hearts. With Loxone, we want to increase the safety for people and their loved ones. Things like fall control, emergency call button, automatic access for rescue services, detection of atypical behavior and much more can already be implemented today.

Implement fall control, emergency call button & alarm chains with Loxone

Fall control triggers an alarm chain as soon as there is a fall from which one does not recover alone. For example, if a resident gets out of bed at night to go to the bathroom, the presence detector in the bedroom detects the movement and a follow-up time begins in which further movement must be detected before the alarm starts. If the person now walks down the hall towards the bathroom, the next presence is detected here and a new follow-up time begins. If the person now falls down and does not move further away within the range of the presence detector in the bathroom, the alarm is triggered after the defined follow-up time. 

In the video, you will learn how to configure the fall control, how to set up the alarm chain correctly and how, thanks to the Apple HomeKit integration, voice commands can now also start alarm chains with the help of Siri. We also explain how to configure an emergency call button via Button Air or Wrist Button Air.


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