This Loxone Partner runs a Loxone-certified showroom. Here, you can experience Loxone first-hand.


Flagship Partner is the top status in the partner network. This level of partner know-how & advice is almost equivalent to that of Loxone themselves.


Platinum Partners can implement large, potentially complex projects with an excellent knowledge of Loxone products.


Through regular certifications as well as numerous projects, a Gold Partner is very familiar with Loxone.


With regular training, Silver Partners are perfectly equipped to advise you and commission various automation projects.


Registered Partners are familiar with Loxone home and building automation and are a suitable contact for projects of all kind.

Loxone location

This is an official Loxone location. You may book a visit or consultation here.

Loxone Distributor

In a country where a distributor has been appointed, this official Partner will handle orders and technical support.

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