Efficient and Comprehensive Energy Management

Buildings are responsible for 44% of energy consumption worldwide. With holistic energy management, this energy consumption could be reduced by half.

The focus is on recording and visualizing all energy consumers, producers and consumers in the building. In order for all energy flows to be visualized and optimized, a building needs a central control: the Loxone Miniserver. This connects all (energy) components of a building and ensures that they work as efficiently as possible both individually and together.

Step-by-Step Guide to True Energy Efficiency with Loxone

1. Recording and visualising all energy flows:

The first step to true energy management is knowing where the energy goes within the building, how much it consumes and how much it produces. The Loxone energy flow monitor plays a central role here. All data can be displayed in real time in an attractive visualization in the Loxone App. This information is used to create a clear overview of the current energy status of the building and targeted optimization measures can be taken.

2. Reducing basic power consumption:

Loxone can be used to find ways to reduce the base load, for example by automatically switching off unnecessary consumers. Potential energy leaks are also uncovered. Common energy wasters include air conditioning or ventilation systems that run at high levels even when no one is in the building.

Reducing the base load results in immediate cost savings. The permanent consumption of one watt costs around $3 per year. While this may sound small, it adds up quickly in a home or business with numerous devices. Additionally, the base load reduction helps reduce the carbon footprint and extends the lifespan of the devices.

3. Shifting energy consumption:

With Loxone’s unique software, energy consumption can be shifted to times when energy is cheaper or even free – especially when solar energy is available.

Basics of Efficient Energy Management

Our software makes all the difference

The Loxone Iceberg depicting 15% hardware and 85% software that make up the Loxone building energy management system

Loxone is often perceived as a hardware manufacturer – but our hardware products are just the tip of the iceberg. First and foremost, we create software. After all, 85% of our entire development effort goes into our software tools.

Only our exceptional free software can create a state-of-the-art, holistic energy management system with outstanding performance that makes significant energy saving possible.

Why Is an Integrated Building Energy Management System Important?

The intelligent distribution of energy depends on production, demand, prioritization, attendance and much more. If there is excess energy, consumers can be intelligently activated to increase their own consumption, thus use solar power efficiently. It can also be specified that the electric car is charged during high energy production or at times when the energy price is particularly low.

Energy Efficiency and Indoor Climate: Optimized HVAC by Loxone

The integration of a photovoltaic system or intelligent charging management is just the beginning. Did you know that over 70% of energy consumption comes from space heating? In order to achieve real energy efficiency, it is also necessary to integrate heating, cooling and ventilation into intelligent home and building automation.

Buffer Tank, Water Heating Element and Boiler

By integrating it into your building energy management system, the buffer cylinder can optimize energy consumption and maximize the use of renewable energy. The heating element plays an important role as a backup heat source, while the boiler receives instructions directly from the Loxone system on whether it needs to switch on or off and how to regulate the flow temperature. Optimizing all 3 compoments as parts of the same heating system will achieve better energy efficiency than standalone solutions working together.

Heat Pump


A heat pump integrated into a Loxone energy management system can be optimized via the most energy-efficient controls that operate based on various factors – outdoor or individual room temperature and the availability of cheaper dynamic tariffs, for example. In addition, Loxone’s forecast-based heating controls help with planning schedules based on weather data to ensure high energy efficiency and minimize operating costs – by only heating rooms when the temperature outside drops below 50°F for example.

Air Conditioning

The energy efficiency of air conditioning systems can be increased by integrating them into the building energy management system. Prediction-based controls, for example, can be configured to activate the air conditioning unit based on weather forecasts and user behaviour. What’s more, presence-based operation with Loxone maximizes user comfort, energy efficiency and cost savings all at the same time.


The Loxone system decides when and how intensely to ventilate an area based on various parameters such as room temperature, humidity and CO2 levels. This not only ensures optimal air quality, but also minimizes energy loss by reducing unnecessary ventilation. Presence detection enables demand-oriented control of the ventilation system to achieve even more energy efficiency.

Find out more about zoned HVAC control in intelligent buildings and the associated products.

Holistic Energy Management with Intelligent Lighting and Audio

A holistic energy management system oversees the individual and the combined operation and performance of all smart components in an intelligent building. This includes lighting and multiroom audio.

Due to the reliable detection of presence and movement, the Loxone Presence Sensors form the basis for the automation of these important functions. Operating the lights and the music only at times and in rooms where people are present will optimize energy usage – no power will be wasted where it’s not needed, whether it’s an office with multiple meeting rooms or a smart home with no one working from home during the day.

Find out more about optimizing the energy performance of intelligent lighting and multiroom audio with the Loxone BeMS.

Products for an Efficient Building Energy Management System

In addition to the unique software, you don’t need a lot of hardware to operate truly efficient energy management.

These energy facts
speak for themselves

25% reduction in heating and cooling costs in a 10,000 square foot office, 14,000 kWh energy savings in a Berkshire home – all this and more is possible with intelligent building automation from Loxone. Whether offices and business premises, private smart homes, residential buildings, hotels and restaurants or special applications, the Loxone BeMS will maximise energy efficiency to help save costs without compromising on convenience and comfort.

The smartest building in Europe

The Loxone Campus is probably the most intelligent building in Europe. It combines a hotel, restaurant, seminar centre, event location, office, warehouse, wellness centre; showcasing a world of experience for home and building automation. Every area in the Campus requires energy, and with Loxone, a comprehensive energy management system can be achieved even in a building this large using just a few smart components and the strategic optimisation of their performance based on data.

Restaurant of a global franchise brand

The energy saved of 14,000 kWh per month is offset by a return on investment of less than a month for Loxone technology. If you extrapolate the savings from this branch to the chain’s almost 40,000 restaurants, there is an impressive savings potential of 560 million kWh per month. At a low electricity price of €0.35 per kWh, this corresponds to monthly savings of over €190 million. From a sustainability perspective, that’s 229,320 tons of CO2 saved – per month!

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