Loxone Partner Guidelines

We’re fully committed to giving our partners the very best support and guidance that we can. We only ask that a few minor rules be followed in return. That way we can work together brilliantly and be a great success! Here’s what we ask…

We know that our success is closely linked to the success of our qualified Partner network. We also know that many of our Partners invest a lot of time, energy and heart to provide their customers with an extraordinary Loxone Smart Home. This is exactly what we want to protect and maintain. At the same time, we want to ensure that all Partners have fair and equal opportunities as a Loxone Partner and that those who work hard are rewarded.

For this reason, we maintain the following guidelines to make the cooperation profitable and fair for all.

To be qualified as an authorised Loxone Partner, and to retain this status, the following guidelines must be met at all times.

Principles & Guidelines

1. Sales Of Loxone Products

In the interest of all Partners, we attach great importance to a clear and fair sales pricing structure when selling Loxone products.

As a Loxone Partner in our network, you take responsibility for the installation of Loxone Smart Home projects of every kind – from consultation and planning, through to installation, implementation and after-sales support. We believe this is the best way to ensure customer satisfaction. In order to be included in the Loxone Partner Program and to be able to charge customers for Loxone products, you must offer all of the services listed above.


Loxone reserves the right to refuse admission to the Partner Program without giving reasons.

1.1. Partner Terms

In return for your service, you as a Partner will receive a discount on the purchase of our wide range of smart home products in addition to free technical support.

If products and projects are sold to a customer without the Partner having provided consulting and/or installation services, the Loxone Partner status will be withdrawn.


1.2. Price setting

Our Partners receive a discount on the recommended non-binding retail prices. In the interest of a profitable collaboration, we expect our Partners to offer their services to customers at fair prices.

Additionally, in the interested of profitable cooperation for all Loxone Partners, the purchase discount for each level of the Partner Program should be treated as confidential. We discourage Partners from disclosing or transferring their purchase discount to a customer.

1.3. Purchase and Selling of Loxone products

Partners may only purchase Loxone products directly from Loxone in their country of establishment or refer to the official authorised national distributor in their country. Those based in countries where Loxone does not currently have a presence may liaise directly with our headquarters in Austria.

Partners may not purchase Loxone products from other Partners, or from sources that are not explicitly authorised and recommended by Loxone. Intermediate trading of Loxone products sold through other Loxone Partners, subcontractors or other third parties is not permitted.

1.4. Sales to customers

Loxone Partners are not allowed to sell large quantities to B2B customers and wholesalers, or to forwarding/drop-shipping trading for other online retailers. The sale of Loxone Products is exclusively for customers of the Partner.

When a Loxone Partner sells directly to a customer, the Loxone Partner should not disclose or transfer their purchase discount.

1.5. Sales in original packaging

It is not permissible for Partners to change the original packaging of Loxone in any way before resale. It is strictly forbidden to take products and sell them in other packaging or under a different name. 

1.6. Online Retailers & Shops

To ensure the quality of the project, Loxone Partners may accept Loxone orders only through publicly accessible e-commerce-enabled websites, where customers can also receive additional services which include but are not limited to consultation, planning, implementation and follow-up care from the Partner. The webshop/website must be owned and run by the Partner company.

The sale of products via third party marketplaces (eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, etc.) is prohibited since such sales include no qualitative advice offered to customers. 

1.7. Sales of third-party products in combination with Loxone

With the Miniserver, Loxone offers an affordable product with numerous interfaces and a very powerful software solution. It can be integrated directly or via Extensions into numerous technologies and third-party products.

Loxone offers in the course of this, ongoing free software updates and direct free technical support for Loxone products, accessories and software.

All software licensing costs* and support expenses are included directly in the price of all Loxone products. To ensure this in the future, we rely on Partners installing products using the available Loxone Extensions and further Loxone products and accessories for their installations.

Replacing Loxone control products in customer projects with third-party products that perform a similar function, therefore, would be seen as a violation of our guidelines.

*with the exception of the Loxone Weather Service and Loxone Caller Service.

2. Marketing and use of materials

2.1. Loxone brand name

It is strictly forbidden to open companies, register domain names, create users/usernames on social media platforms or open social media channels that include the Loxone brand name.

To eliminate any confusion, it must be clearly evident that you are a Loxone Partner and not Loxone itself. When typing in the domain, seeing the branding, website design or content, it must be clear for the visitor of the website exactly which company they are interacting with.  It is therefore prohibited to use ‘Loxone’ or ‘Lox’ or any combinations of these for the domain name of the Partner website. This also applies to usernames and profiles on social media channels, forums and in all other documents, presences or media of the Partner.

Our Corporate Identity (CI) was developed in the same way as our solution itself – with a great deal of hard work and creativity. Whilst a reference to the Loxone CI is possible, it must be unmistakably clear that you are a Loxone Partner and not Loxone itself.

In addition, we ask that you do not use words or phrases in conjunction with ‘Loxone Partner’ that could be considered misleading or unfair to other Partners. This includes but is not limited to: Favourite, First, Leading, Number 1, Only, Preferred, Premium and Premier. Please do not edit, change or enhance the Loxone logo in any way.

2.2. Use of text

Please feel free to be inspired by what we write on our website and in our brochure. The direct copying of text and images and the 1:1 duplication of content is strictly forbidden. Copying content verbatim may lead to a drop in Google rankings, both for Loxone and for you as Loxone Partner.

When creating information for publication (either on your website, or via brochures etc.), we ask that you ensure you have the correct spelling of product names, e.g. ‘Miniserver’ and not ‘mini server.’

Please note that we are unable to write copy or create content for other websites or marketing materials. If you would like to send us content to review prior to printing/publishing then do please feel free, however, we cannot be held accountable for any inaccuracies including spelling errors.

2.3. Use of images

Feel free to use pictures and images from our Press page and Partner Downloads pages – free of charge, of course. Please do not edit or change graphics in any way. Due to copyright restrictions, we would kindly ask that you do not take images from other areas of the website. By providing these resources for you to use, we expect that they are used only for the promotion of the Loxone solution. For all pictures you use from us, ‘Loxone’ must be cited/accredited as the image source in the caption and a link back to loxone.com should be included where appropriate.

We are here to help you market Loxone to your customers, and provide these resources free of charge as a way to help you illustrate the possibilities of a Loxone Smart Home. If you also install other control systems, we would kindly ask that content from our website, including images, graphics, animations and videos should be used for the promotion of Loxone only. Please remember to cite Loxone in your image captions, or link the image back to our website. If you are in any doubt, please get in touch and we can advise you.

Please note that we are unable to create custom graphics or modify existing resources.

2.4. Use of videos

From the different areas of application to online seminars, you can find lots of videos on our YouTube channel. Just locate the individual embed code and copy it into the back end of your website. We ask you not to request the original videos from us directly due to the high volume of data within them. In addition, videos must not be edited or re-branded and footage may not be used in other videos. If you would like to embed case study videos from other Loxone Partners, you must make it very clear that this is not your own project to avoid misleading potential customers.

Please note that some videos belong to our ‘Archive’, and may not contain correct or up-to-date information. These videos will be clearly marked with ‘Archive’ in the title – we’d recommend that you choose newer videos where possible.

2.5. Use of Loxone Partner logo.

To promote your Partner status on your website and other platforms/channels, we provide you with a Partner logo appropriate to your status (Registered, Silver, Gold or Platinum). You can download your Partner logo within your account area on the Loxone website.

You may use the Partner logo freely on your website, printed material and more. A prerequisite for online use is an appropriate link to our website.

We ask that you do not edit, change or enhance the Partner logo in any way or combine it with words or phrases that could be considered misleading or unfair to other Partners. This includes but is not limited to: Favourite, First, Leading, Number 1, Only, Preferred, Premium and Premier.

Partners may refer to themselves as Registered, Silver, Gold or Platinum, according to their current status. Partners who have previously achieved Silver, Gold or Platinum status but have since failed to meet the reassessment criteria must revert to using their current Partner level only and must replace any and all logos and/or claims on their websites and marketing material. It is forbidden to use a partner logo that does not correspond to your status. If your status changes, the logo must also be adjusted (e.g. on websites, print materials, shop window stickers, etc.).

In addition, Silver, Gold & Platinum Partners may also use ‘Certified Loxone Partner’, should they choose to.

3. Compliance & Discontinuation

Loxone may, in the event of violations of these principles and guidelines, change a Partner’s status effective immediately or exclude the Partner from the Partner Program.

Loxone reserves the right to ensure that these policies are complied with by auditing the websites and other public channels of the Partner.

In the event of a breach of the Partner Guidelines listed above, we reserve the right to remove all discounts and preferred Partner terms and to remove the listing as a Loxone Partner on our website.

In addition, we generally reserve the right to refuse acceptance to the Partner Program or to withdraw the Partner status from companies which breach these guidelines.