New: Master Speakers are Apple AirPlay 2 Compatible

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8. July 2024

We are certified! Our Master speakers have the official certification to use Apple AirPlay 2. This means, the delivery can now begin.

With AirPlay technology, you can play music from your iPhone, iPad or Mac directly on the various audio player components.

We are proud to announce that the Install Speaker 7 Master, the Install Speaker 10 Master as well as the Satellite Speaker IP64 Master are officially Apple AirPlay 2 certified.

We will process the orders successively according to their date of receipt. We will deliver in the following order:

Install Speaker 10 Master Immediately
Install Speaker 10 Client Immediately
Install Speaker 7 Master Immediately
Install Speaker 7 Client Immediately
Install Sub 10 Master Calender week 29
Install Sub 10 Client Calender week 29
Satellite Speaker IP64 Master Calender week 30
Satellite Speaker IP64 Client Calender week 30

Please note that an update of the Loxone Config or the Audioserver is required to use Apple AirPlay 2. The release version will be made available free of charge in August. Of course, all other functions of the master/client technology are already available with the current software version.


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