Smart security and access control system

Comprehensive security from creating access codes to preventing water damage.

No monthly fees.

Smart Video Intercom and Keypad

Security and access control for smart homes

Protect you home from not only physical intruders, but also digital intruders. This means all security features, from burglar alarms to video intercoms, work Cloud-free  without requiring wi-fi. So you stay protected without risking your data privacy.

Access control devices and the Loxone App make it easy for check for, or speak to, visitors while you access and monitor your property from anywhere.

No monthly fees.

Our tip: Give customized permissions to different users such as friends, dog walkers or cleaners.

Security and access control for commercial

No more worrying about how the building is operating – what lights are on, when the security system is armed or even how access rights are handled. It’s a level of security that comes with a fully integrated solution.

For the business owner, the Loxone App makes it easy to manage access codes and safety features directly and make changes instantly when needed, even remotely. There’s even text-to-speech functionality for alarms in emergencies.

Our tip: Businesses especially benefit from customized Operating Modes. For example, a triple-tap on a switch will shut down the business during closing time – alarm is armed, lights and devices off, heating lowered.

Smart security and access control functions in the app

Features & benefits

Door and lock icon

Customizable access codes

Give permanent or temporary access to family, cleaners or employees, each with different limitations.

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Do it all
in the app

Remote access and code creation, alarm activation and monitoring is all at your fingertips in just a few seconds.

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Prevent hazards & water leaks

Sensors will let you know if there are any open doors and windows or even a water leak.

Window icon

Check visitors

Keep watch of any missed visitors at your door. Images are stored but never shared externally.

NFC Code Touch icon

Only Cloud-free solution

All data remains where it belongs – with you! No other system offers this level of security.

Bell icon

Safety while you’re away

When you leave and “triple-tap” a switch, the home will know to immediately activate safety features.


Access control & security products

No matter if it’s an intercom for your front door, a code for a gate or sensor for an open window, you can rely on a complete system for 360 degree security inside and out.

Burglar alarm system knows to activate when you leave or go to sleep

Sensors form the basis of all security functionality

Intercom and keypad can be paired together 

Make specific changes and easily monitor all functions in the Loxone App


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