Exploring Loxone Through a Partner’s Lens: Unmatched Efficiency and Flexibility

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13. March 2024

More and more young business owners are discovering Loxone as a business opportunity. Ben Froling, a Loxone Partner based in New Hampshire (USA), is one of them. He shared his insights into the transformative effect of Loxone on his business and client solutions. Ben's experience with Loxone highlights the significant advantages and possibilities offered by the system, inviting professionals to explore how Loxone can transform their approach to building automation.

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From Commercial Boilers to Comprehensive Control

Ben’s journey with Loxone began in the realm of commercial boilers, a niche where the lack of effective oversight and control systems was stark. The discovery of Loxone’s capabilities, courtesy of an Austrian colleague, marked the beginning of a pivotal shift towards embracing broader and more sophisticated building automation solutions.

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The Loxone Advantage: Openness and Flexibility

What sets Loxone apart is its unmatched openness and flexibility. Ben highlights how traditional systems often confine operations to a limited set of functions, creating complexity and inefficiency. Loxone’s ecosystem effortlessly integrates various control elements—from lighting and heating to complex machinery and more—under one seamless platform. This simplifies operations, significantly reduces costs and enhances system reliability.

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Seamless Integration of Third-Party Devices

One of Loxone’s strengths lies in its ability to integrate third-party devices effortlessly. It allowed Ben to master incorporating various systems using protocols like Modbus and RS232. This adaptability further underscores Loxone’s suitability for a broad range of applications and environments.

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Central Role of the Loxone App

The Loxone App stands out as a critical tool in Ben’s arsenal, providing a unified interface for system monitoring and control. Its intuitive design ensures that all necessary data and controls are readily accessible, greatly appreciated by both installers and end-users for its ease of use and comprehensive functionality.

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Business Growth with Loxone

Adopting Loxone has diversified Ben’s service offerings and enhanced his business’s competitive edge. The system’s adaptability has allowed him to venture into new areas such as hydro power control and energy monitoring, showcasing Loxone’s capability to meet a wide array of client needs.

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Streamlining Work with Efficiency

With Loxone’s template-supported programming, what used to be a daunting task is now a streamlined and repeatable process. This efficiency gain means more projects can be completed in less time, opening up new business opportunities and expanding the scope of what’s possible in building automation.

Loxone Makes All the Difference

For those still on the fence about Loxone, Ben’s experience serves as a testament to the system’s unmatched flexibility, efficiency, and potential for business growth.

I’d tell any installer or planner looking at Loxone to just dive in and see for yourself. Look at the documentation, check out some Loxone videos, and you’ll see the flexibility and the range of what you can do. Every day I work with Loxone, I discover more about its capabilities.

Ben Froling

Cobalt Controls


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