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Loxone Support CommunityCategory: Generalset up heating system
2 years ago
set up heating system

Hi, I am a novice with a Loxone controller installed and working. I have managed to configure and set up some very basic lighting controls. Works OK.

I want to add my boiler and indivdual AIR TRV valves to all the radiators.

I could do with some help as to how to set up each valve and the boiler to give individual control to each room.

Any help would be appreciated


2 Answers
2 years ago

I’m using an Intelligent Room Controller for each room, which as a minimum needs a Temperature input (T) and the Valve Actuator as an output (H1).


I’ve then got a Climate Controller to control the boiler switching on and off. Each Intelligent Room Controller is allocated to the Climate Controller and it has an output for your boiler (H).


You can also use the Intelligent Temperaturee Controller instead of the Climate Controller to control the boiler.



2 years ago