The Loxone Miniserver

For Intelligent Home and Building Automation

The Loxone Miniserver

For Intelligent Home and Building Automation


Wired into the distribution board.
Ideal for new buildings.

Miniserver Go

Can be placed anywhere.
Ideal for retrofitting and renovations.

Intelligent Automation
for all project types

Smart Home
The Miniserver is the heart of home automation with Loxone. Thanks to the powerful Miniserver, being able to commission a holistic smart home has finally becoming a reality.

Commercial Buildings
Boasting scalable system management, the Miniserver can intuitively automate features relating to security, comfort, energy efficiency and the like in every building.

Custom Applications
Numerous interfaces, impressive scalability and powerful logic allow the implementation of even complex automation and control in unique single and custom applications.

Core Technology

Loxone offers an all-round solution for building & house automation. Depending on the version, the Miniserver includes the necessary core technologies to integrate numerous sensors and actuators into your building or home automation project. 

For additional interfaces, we have a wide range of Extensions. They further enhance the functionality of the already-impressive Miniserver to create an unparalleled ecosystem. This makes Loxone infinitely flexible.



Miniserver Go



Scalable, versatile and future-ready with our Extensions

The size of a Loxone installation and the associated control requirements ultimately determine which extensions you use to enable intuitive, powerful automation in a home or commercial building. At Loxone, you will find the right Extension for almost every requirement. Be it for the integration of a ventilation system or for simply controlling a relay.

The most powerful software for building & home automation.
Free & comprehensive!

Loxone Config

With our ultimate configuration software, you can commission automation to your individual requirements. In just a few hours you can implement extensive building and home automation projects.

Loxone Apps

With Loxone you have all the control you need in just one app. Plus, control your home or building via a smartphone, tablet or PC from wherever you are in the world. Simple, intuitive and fast.

P.S.: Download our latest version of Loxone Config to witness this powerful automation tool for yourself!

Detailed Remote Maintenance and
Diagnostic Tools

The Miniserver is already responsible for automation and control in more than 200,000 smart homes, commercial properties and special applications around the world.

As an installer, if an installation needs your attention or you need to do some maintenance work, you will be informed by the Miniserver. Plus, thanks to our extensive remote maintenance & diagnosis tools, you can intervene straight away without being directly on site.

System Status
Like the dashboard in your car, System Status in the Loxone App as well as in Loxone Config will display a range of general information and crucial messages about an installation.

Configuration & Updates
You can conveniently make changes and additions to a configuration from your office or on the go.

From there you can also install the latest update of Loxone Config.

Logs & Statistics
Whether it’s temperature monitoring, energy consumption or presence information – record any statistics you choose, check them in the Loxone App or receive them in an email.


We believe everyone has the right to privacy and the protection of their personal data. With Loxone, your data stays where it belongs – on your Miniserver. The Miniserver is the central device on which your data is stored and logic is processed.

It’s a personal right that Loxone considers and protects 100% because when it comes to the data of our customers, we follow a strict principle: Your Home, Your Data.

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