Wiring Loxone Tree


The Loxone Tree cable is recommended for Loxone Tree cabling. The green/white wire pair is used for the Tree and the orange/white wire pair for the 24V DC supply. The Tree cable is suitable for all Tree products – whether motion sensors, valve actuators or LED spots – the Tree cable allows you to install and commission Loxone Tree at breakneck speeds.

The maximum cabling length per branch is 500m.

Icon Exclamation Mark LoxoneThe maximum line length of 500m refers to Tree, NOT to the line length of the 24V power supply. Here the maximum length will be a little shorter due to the voltage drop.




With Loxone Tree, you can use a wide variety of cabling topologies.

We recommend to run a cable into the room and then in the within the room itself from this point the remaining Tree devices can be connected. This “first node” is most commonly the motion sensor but this is not a requirement.

Please note:

  • That a maximum of 50 devices can be connected per tree branch,
  • That the Tree branches left and right cannot be connected together
  • That a Tree branch must never be wired as a ring.


When cabling the 24v DC supply, please bear in mind that the length of this cable depends on voltage drop. This can be calculated by using the formula below.

ΔU = I RR II (((2 LL ρρ) / A)

I … current [A]
L … cable length [m]
A … cable cross section [mm²]
a = 0.258 for the Loxone Cat 7 cable
ΔU … voltage drop [V]
ρ … specific material resistance [(Ω * m) / mm²]
ρ = constant 0.0172 for copper)