Quick Order


Quick Order

The quick order function allows you to easily create an order list, with little effort.

The link to the Quick Order page can be found here: https://shop.loxone.com/enuk/fastorder/

There are two methods for quick ordering.

Option 1: Manual

The first method of quick ordering simply requires you to being typing in the left-most box either the item number for the product or the product name.

A dialogue will then appear which will show all of the relevant products for your search query. Show below are a few examples.

Option 2: File Upload

The second method of quick ordering allows you to upload a specifically formatted CSV file.

The format is as follows: itemnumber;quantity (E.g. 100001;3). Which each of the items on a new line of the file. There is an example file available on the quick order webpage.

You can also download a CSV file containing the full list of items required for a given project through the use of the project planning tool. More information on the project planning tool can be found here.