Projects In Loxone Config

With the help of project management, you can conveniently manage and organize your Loxone system at a single glance.

Project Management


  1. On opening Loxone Config you can see all your projects on a single glance
  2. By also clicking on the “New Project” button, this will also bring you to our Project Assistant . This wizard will guide you through the first steps of your new Loxone project.
  3. Opens your saved Loxone Config file
  4. The network is automatically searched and any Miniservers found will appear together with the most important information such as Miniserver name, serial number, internal IP address and version number. EN_KB_Config_Project_Manager Search
  5. If you have not saved the Config file from the miniserver that you want to connect to, you can enter the direct address details for the connection setup here.
  6. Click the “New Project” button to get to our Project Assistant . The wizard will guide you through the first steps of your new project.
  7. With a large number of Loxone projects, it can happen that you lose the overview. The search function gives you an overview of your projects.
  8. Main project name
  9. Customer name
  10. Address of customer/project
  11. Advance menu where you can remove, backup or show each project in your windows file explorer.


Project Assistant

The project Assistant supports the beginning setup of your smart home configuration

First step; choose which Miniserver will be used in the install. Either Miniserver or Miniserver Go.


Then you can enter the project name, installer details and customer details.


Next, create the necessary users. This information can be added later if required.


Please make sure to CHANGE the admin password. By changing the password, the Miniserver will become secure and access to our DNS service will be allowed. The Miniserver will have the default credentials:

Username – admin
Password – admin

If the admin password is forgotten, a factory reset will be required.


Finally, you only nee to configure your rooms. Use the “Select all rooms” button to select or deselect all rooms. If there are rooms that are more suited to the install then simply tick each relevant room. You can also create new rooms by clicking “Add room” or pressing CTRL + N.

This can be done at a later point if enough rooms have not been selected.

It is important that the correct room types are set as this information is relevant for the heating up and cooling down of different rooms. The room type is used for comfort temperatures, wake up-times of motion sensors, etc – this can be done by the auto configuration for you.


Project security

Project Backup will help you organize your Loxone projects. If a program change is pending, you can simply create a project backup with the actual status and in hindsight when it is finished, simply make a project backup again and you are perfectly organized.


If your change does not meet the needs of the customer, you can import an older version again – select the project backup and click on ‘Restore’. You can use the Open button to view the desired project security (the pages are grayed out). If you click on Restore, the current program is overwritten by this data backup.