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Brief: I want our children to know when we’re still asleep so we aren’t bombarded too early.

It’s a dream of many parents.

One study concluded that a baby costs the parents up to 750 hours of sleep in the first year.

The bad news: even the Loxone Miniserver can’t change that much. It can help create the perfect conditions in the bedroom for the little ones to sleep by automatically controlling the temperature, lighting, shading and implementing things such as a visual doorbell – however even then, in the first months a little (or a lot) of sleep deprivation is simply part of being a parent.

The situation is different when the children start to understand their environment better, are aware of their surroundings. Certain arrangements can then be made with older children, for instance on the weekend. For example, that the parents’ bedroom may only be stormed after a certain wake-up signal.

Solution: Using Loxone to commission a so-called parents-are-still-sleeping alert.

With a triple tap on the button next to the bed, children and parents activate “Night Mode” mode for the children’s room or the whole house. If the mode is active, the system knows that parents and/or children are sleeping.

If the children now wake up early in the morning and deactivate the “Night Mode” mode in the children’s room while the mode is still active in the parents’ bedroom, the Touch Nightlight turns red. This is a signal for the children that mum and dad are still sleeping.

Then when the parents also deactivate “Night Mode” mode, the lighting turns green and the children are allowed to storm into their parents’ room.



Parents are still sleeping alert - Loxone Config Screenshot

Download the sample file:

Why you and your customer should consider a parents-are-still-sleeping alert?

For many people, their children are their lives. Everyday life with them is simply more beautiful and life makes more sense. At the same time, children cost an incredible amount of money, nerves, time – and sleep.

Children do not sleep less than adults – on the contrary, they sleep more – just not when their parents would like them to.

Parents then have to deal with the damaging effects of sleep deprivation such a weakened immune system, decreased mental and physical performance and even weight gain. Basically, sleep-deprived people are generally less happy.

So, with the help of this simple traffic light system, it may be possible to gain one or two valuable hours of sleep.


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