Miniserver Client/Gateway – Concentrator

For controlling multiple Miniservers together in the same install and optionally having only one user interface.


In Loxone Config version 5 onwards you can use multiple Miniservers together as long as they are on the same network and able to communicate with each other.  Concentrator mode allows you to have multiple Miniserver configurations shown as one user interface on the gateway Miniserver. Please note that our recommendation is that you do not exceed 5 Miniservers using this setup.

Icon Exclamation Mark Loxone“When using concentrator mode please note that this uses more memory on the Gateway Miniserver so it is important to not use this mode in a hotel for example with 100 Miniservers! For more information about whether this mode is suitable or not for your installation please call our support team.”



First of all, connect to your main Miniserver (Gateway).

Right click on the Miniserver in the periphery tree and click “Add document to gateway”.

Now you can choose the Client programs which should be added to your Miniserver.

Icon Exclamation Mark LoxoneThe admin usernames and passwords must be exactly the same client program files as the Gateway Miniserver.


The added Miniserver is now shown in the periphery tree as well.

Please check if IP address and MAC address of all Miniservers are correctly set in the properties. Afterwards save your current program in your Miniserver.

These settings must be correct when saving in the miniserver the first time!

Now you can use all inputs and outputs of all added Miniserver in one program file.

Icon Exclamation Mark LoxonePlease note that controlling IR is only possible on the main Miniserver configuration file and cannot be used across gateway connections.