Loxone Tree Cable

The ideal cable for all Tree Products


The Tree Cable is suitable for all Tree products – whether motion detectors, actuators or LED spots: The Tree Cable allows you to install and commission all Loxone Tree products at lightning speed.


All information about the Tree Extension can be found here.

The ideal cable for all Tree products

The new Tree Cable can be used universally and is optimally suited for the communication of all Tree products as well as for the power supply of the respective components.

Tree Sensors

Peripheral products such as motion detectors, Touch Pure switches and actuators are connected to the Tree branch via the twisted green / white wire pair.
The power supply for peripheral products is very low. That’s why the equally twisted orange / white pair of wires is ideal for the power supply

Tree Spots & Dimmers

Tree products that serve as consumers typically require a power supply that can deliver more power. This is the case, for example, with Tree lighting products such as LED spots and LED RGBW dimmers. Especially for these products, the Loxone Tree Cable is equipped with two 1.5mm2 orange / white wires in addition to the two twisted pairs. Thus, there is always enough power to reliably supply Loxone Tree spots and dimmers.


2×1.5mm² orange/orange-white
2×0.6mm orange/orange-white
2×0.6mm green/green-white

Technical data:

  • Nominal voltage = 200VDC
  • Temperature range for safe operation = -30°C … 80°C
  • Insulation = PVC
  • Main power cores are stranded with the 2 smaller pairs are single, solid core.
  • CPR Certified according to European Construction Products Regulation (BauPVO)
  • Datasheet (EN)
  • Declaration of performance

US Conformity:

  • CL2R and CMR rated
  • UL approved