KNX Extension


Technical data

KNX Extension
Power Supply 10…28VDC PELV
Power Consumption max. 75mW
Total Power Loss max. 150mW
Ambient Temperature -25…55°C / -13…131°F
Humidity 95% r.H (non-condensing)
Safety Rating IP20
Maintenance This device is free of maintenance and must only be cleaned with a dry cloth.
Dimensions 35.5 x 88 x 57 mm (2 TE)
Cable distance to KNX /
EIB Power Supply
max. 350m
Cable distance to first KNX /
EIB device
max. 700m
Total Cable Length KNX / EIB max. 1000m
KNX / EIB – actuators/sensors Up to 500 KNX sensors / actors total


Programming KNX devices with ETS via the KNX Extension and the Miniserver as KNX Gateway is not possible. Therefore an external KNX/EIB gateway must be used. 


Install the unit in a suitable distribution box where it is protected from water, dirt and mechanical damage.

Connect the power supply (orange/white), the Loxone Link (blue/white) and the KNX bus (red/grey).

After switching on the power supply the device starts, the status LED flashes orange after a short time when connected to the Miniserver.


Please follow the documentation for commissioning Extensions.


Please follow the documentation for configuring KNX/EIB actuators/sensors 


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