Keyless Door Lock for Homestays

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Brief: How can I avoid the hassle of handing over and collecting keys with each guest?

Managing a homestay or holiday let – such as an Airbnb – can be difficult. Especially if you don’t live nearby or are travelling. There are now special “concierge” service providers who have constructed a whole business model around the many and varied problems of being an Airbnb host.

The handing over of keys is an issue that hosts around the world constantly face. There are a range of solutions to this issue, including key safes (which barely deserve the name “safe”), keys under doormats, neighbours etc – the problem is that these options are complicated and often unsafe.

The safest way of handing over the keys would be to use one of the concierge services, as already mentioned, however, these can be quite costly and eat into any profit margins.

Solution: Use Loxone to automate a keyless door lock for homestays such as Airbnb.

The NFC Code Touch is the perfect access solution – offering a keyless door lock solution for Airbnb accommodation. It allows you to quickly and easily assign time-based access codes via the Loxone App.

For example, if a visitor’s check-in is scheduled for Friday at 11:00 and check-out for Sunday at 9:00, the code will be valid for that period of time. If entered before or after this window of time the code will not work.

The codes can be assigned completely freely and, if necessary, after speaking with the visitors. That way, you can ensure that the visitors receive a code that they can easily remember and that the code has a certain complexity to ensure a high degree of security.


Keyless Door Lock - Loxone NFC Code Touch

Why you and your customer should consider implementing a keyless door lock?

If someone offers accommodation via Airbnb or similar platforms, it is not always possible to hand over the key personally. The reasons can be many and varied. Often neighbours are asked for help, key hiding places or key safes are used or the services of a concierge are called upon. None of these solutions are optimal.

Even if the handing over of keys is successful, lost or unreturned keys are another annoyance. Although it is possible to try to transfer the costs for key service and replacement lock to the guest, the chances of success are relatively low.

The NFC Code Touch offers the ideal solution for all these problems. It gives you much more than just a keyless door lock, benefit from time-based, individual access codes – making the use of keys and all associated problems obsolete.


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