Automatic Animal Feeder

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Brief: Implement automatic animal feeder for cattle on farms.

Feeding cows, pigs and other animals on a farm is physically demanding and time-consuming work for every farmer. The animals usually have to be fed several times a day. An automatic animal feeder can help reduce the workload.

Solution: Automatic animal feeder controlled by the Loxone Miniserver.

With Loxone, the feeding process can be easily automated using the Miniserver. The animals will be fed several times a day via an electric flap which will work according to an individually adjustable schedule. The schedule can be adjusted within the Loxone App.

Feeding can also be controlled manually through the app without having to change the schedule.

In addition to the automatic animal feeder, automated monitoring can also be set up. The level of feed in the storage unit is measure using an Ultrasonic Sensor – if this falls below a certain pre-defined level a notification will immediately be sent to the relevant people.



Automatic Animal Feeder - Loxone Config Screenshot

Download the sample file:

Why you and your customer should consider Loxone for an automatic cattle feeder?

With very little hardware you can quickly install an automatic animal feeder for your customers. The feeding system coupled with the level detection will save any farmer a significant amount of time and effort – meaning that they can focus on other areas of their business.


Local regulations and standards need to be observed. The contents of this page make certain installation assumptions. The information herein does not replace the contextual know-how of a Loxone Partner. As a professionally-installed solution, please consult with a Loxone Partner to realise any of the functionality listed in this Use Case.

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