Create A Smarter Smoke Alarm System With Loxone

Lucinda Wood
28th February 2017 in Know How

Last week, the Guardian reported that Research by Dundee University and Derbyshire Fire and Rescue found that an astonishing 80% of children tested did not respond to the sound of an industry-standard smoke detector operating. Why? Well, it’s thought that the higher frequency tone of industry standard smoke alarms is ineffective at waking children in the event of a fire.

So if the traditional shrill beep of a smoke alarm isn’t effective in waking children, what is? According to Professor Niamh NicDaeid, of Dundee’s centre for anatomy and human identification, ” a lower frequency sound… combined with a voice – generally a female voice – was much more effective at waking children up”.

This makes for worrying reading, as when a fire breaks out in a home, every second is precious. In this blog, we’ll look at which Loxone products and features you can integrate into your home to help you stand the best chance of making it out safely in the event of a fire.*

Sound the alarm(s)

The Loxone Music Server can be used as part of an alarm system. This doesn’t just mean sounding the alarm if there’s a break-in (although it can do that too). If your smoke detectors are integrated into your Loxone Smart Home and you have a Music Server, you can configure your Music Server to play any sound of your choice, should the smoke alarm be triggered. This could be a lower frequency siren sound, a song, a pre-recorded message or any combination of these – whatever works for your home.

Trigger events

Not only that, but by having your fire detection system linked to the Miniserver, you can also trigger events to happen when smoke is detected; this might include opening blinds, switching on emergency or orientation lights throughout the house and flashing the lights in the bedrooms.

The Loxone Smoke Detector Air

We have developed our own wireless smoke detector with integrated Air technology, which offers early detection and protection against fire in your home.*

Reliable in emergencies

The stand-alone smoke alarm alerts you with a loud siren and flashing LED. The smoke detector is independently powered, which means it will still work in the event of a power cut.

16 Sensors for reliable smoke detection

Using its professional measurement system with 16 sensors, the Smoke Detector Air safely and reliably detects smoke, issuing a warning in emergency situations. The intelligent smoke measurement also takes into account fluctuations in temperature.

Long-life battery

The Loxone Smoke Detector Air is supplied with a long-life (10 year) battery. The battery status is sent to the Miniserver every day and can be checked in the visual interface at any time. If the battery life is coming to an end, you can be reliably notified via the Miniserver, either by a phone call from our Caller Service, by e-mail from our Mailer Service or with a flashing light – it’s up to you.

Ensure your home is safe

*It may sound like common sense, but please note that these products and suggestions are not intended as a replacement for any detectors or fire prevention measures you may already have in your home. Please ensure that you consult your Loxone Partner prior to making changes to your existing smoke alarm system to ensure that your home meets building regulations.

The Loxone Smoke Detector Air is only suitable for retrofit applications, where mains interconnectivity is not required. All smoke detectors should be tested monthly. For more information about fire safety at home, we suggest looking at this website.

Experience Loxone

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