Loxone and Nuki: smartly secure

Jacob Sugden
15th February 2024 in Know How

The collaboration between Loxone and Ultion Nuki makes sure that buildings are accessible to those who have the permissions and are allowed entry – whilst denying entry to everyone else. Ultion Nuki locks integrate seemlessly into the Loxone system, being perfect for both new build and retrofit installs. Together we make building users feel safe and secure.

Nuki: Experts in locks

Nuki offer a range of electronic locks for residential buildings. These electronic intelligent locks seamlessly integrate into the Loxone automation system allowing control and visibility through the Loxone App from anywhere in the world. This seemless integration comes through the lock sending data to the Miniserver then that data is intelligently used if needed in the wider building ecosystem in a coordinated manner with other devices. For example if the front door is left open the heating can turn off to save energy, if the door has been left open for a while the building users are notified about the security risk, etc.

© Ultion Nuki

Loxone + Nuki: Win-win situation for customers

Our cooperation with Nuki opens up new possibilities in terms of smart security. Loxone does not offer a lock and Ultion Nuki locks fit perfectly into this gap being fully integratable with Loxone. A Nuki lock coupled with the Loxone Intercom makes for a great door access system. Plus, the Nuki lock plays a security role alongside the Loxone burglar alarm (including lights flashing and blinds raising), window and door contacts, water sensors and more.

© Ultion Nuki

Another great element that makes the collaboration, and use, of a Nuki lock in a Loxone installation great, is its retrofit capabilities. As you may already know Loxone has an extensive and powerful retrofit offering available, that can be installed in a quick and hassle-free manner by trained Loxone Installation Partners. With Nuki slotting into this offering perfectly.

The technical implementation

The integration between Loxone and Nuki happens via HTTP commands – we are using the Nuki Cloud API (external) to send a command to the lock to lock, unlock, unlatch and even more is available in the API such as touch and go. If you have the Nuki Pro, it already comes with a built in wi-fi module, and it will connect to your house router – the setup only takes a few minutes and its done through the Nuki app.  When it comes to the integration with Loxone, as long as we have both the Miniserver and the Nuki lock connected to the internet, we can then download the Nuki Template from the Loxone library and follow the steps. Disclaimer: The NUKI API is cloud based – the integration will not work without internet connection

The future of intelligent access and security

It’s genuinely exciting to be part of this partnership. For the first time, we’re bringing a smart locking option into the mix that really complements the impressive smart home systems our customers love. This isn’t just about adding another product; it’s about broadening the horizons of what smart locks can do in a world that’s constantly evolving. What excites me most is how our system integrates so smoothly, taking smart home integration to a whole new level.

Alex Dutton

Sales Director, Ultion

If you don’t want to carry keys around, or want to have a quick way to generate access codes for your guests, staff and easy and secure access is of interest, but you don’t have the opportunity to pull cables and make big changes, then this combination is for you. The Nuki Pro would be a great addition to your existing installations, or a retrofit that is lacking access control. 

Nikolay Naydenov

Head of Partner Coaching, Loxone

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