The Theatre

Arianna Panzanini
22nd October 2019 in Case Studies

A very special (and unique) venue

Simplicity was the main reason why Platinum Partner, LoxHome24 loved using Loxone on this project. Over an area of 600 m2, they were able to create a wide range of truly intelligent automation.

Temperature and air quality were particularly important on this project. The Loxone Touch’s integrated temperature sensors along with the Valve Actuators ensure that both of the event halls at this theatre are always at the perfect temperature. The air quality is taken care of through a central ventilation system which is integrated into Loxone via an RS485 Extension.

It goes without saying that lighting is crucial in this sector. Which is why the employees are extremely happy that they now have an automated lighting control system – making their jobs easier and improving the experience for the guests. LoxHome24 used a DALI Extension to achieve this.

Should a fire break out in the Alte Saline, Loxone will jump into action to help ensure the safety of everyone inside. The blinds will raise to make way for any fire exits, the lights will come on at maximum brightness to increase visibility and the fire brigade will automatically receive a telephone call.


June 2019

600 m2

Loxone Platinum Partner

Loxone hardware
1x Miniserver
6x Relay Extension
1x Modbus Extension
2x Tree Extension
1x RS485 Extension
2x DALI Extension
85x Valve Actuator Tree
25x Touch Tree
3x Nano 2 Relay Tree
20 Motion Sensor Tree

It was important to us to create a project which was simple yet smart; one where you can change a lot with just a few clicks – allowing the building to adapt to different circumstances. The simplicity has to start with the cabling and the installation process and carry right through to the final solution delivered. This is the only way to create intelligent automation which saves energy and money. In my opinion, making such a large system work comes down to versatility – the system needs to be able to cope seamlessly with all operating modes. It’s also important that the system is accessible, technicians for events must be able to access it immediately.

Florian Schertler

Managing Director & Loxone Platinum Partner, LoxHome24

Loxone im Gewerbe - Projekt Alte Saline Bad Reichenhall
Loxone im Gewerbe - Projekt Alte Saline Bad Reichenhall
Loxone im Gewerbe - Projekt Alte Saline Bad Reichenhall
Loxone im Gewerbe - Projekt Alte Saline Bad Reichenhall
Loxone im Gewerbe - Projekt Alte Saline Bad Reichenhall

Photos: (c) Josefine Unterhauser – Photography

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