Loxone and Silent Gliss: smart privacy and shading

Jacob Sugden
10th April 2024 in Know How

The collaboration between Loxone and Silent Gliss is very strong with our products going hand-in-hand. Nothing attests to this more than us being used alongside each other in big projects, like eHome2, and our complements don’t stop there with the Loxone office in the UK, The Forum, being fully kitted out with Silent Gliss motorised curtains and blinds. Do you know why… well it is because it just makes sense – see why below.

Silent Gliss: Experts in blinds and curtains

Silent Gliss have been experts in the field of blinds and curtains since 1952. With their strong position in the market of premium quality motorised curtain tracks and blinds. So naturally this goes hand-in-hand with Loxone projects, as the Miniserver can control the smart automation of these blinds in relation to factors like light levels, time of day and room temperature. All with the luxury and high quality that both brands are synonymous with.

© Silent Gliss

Loxone + Silent Gliss: Win-win situation for customers

Our cooperation with Silent Gliss opens up new energy saving possibilities for buildings. With Loxone’s automation, and the high quality of Silent Gliss’s blinds and curtains, leading to a great reduction in energy needed for heating, cooling and lighting. An example of this collaboration in practice is eHome2, in which both brands were proud to be involved with this revolutionary study – Loxone as the building management system (BMS) and Silent Gliss as the blind and curtain supplier.

The Silent Gliss shading integrated within a Loxone system means that it can provide automated privacy, maintaining the desired temperature in an energy efficient manner and provide lighting and shading that is coordinated with the lights for further energy savings.  The collaboration can also be part of the security alarm, with the blinds raising and curtains opening through Loxone automation to expose the intruder.

© Silent Gliss

© Silent Gliss

The collaboration between the two brands can be seen extensively both in residential and commercial settings. The benefits for users are clear that your blinds and curtains are smartly automated to be in the optimal position for the conditions and time of day without users having to think about it. Plus, you can also change the blind position manually for the entire building in seconds should you want to through a tap in the Loxone App.

Silent Gliss are delighted to offer bespoke drivers which allow our motorised shading systems to seamlessly integrate into the Loxone building control system. We recognise the significant importance of compatibility with Loxone’s market-leading technology and collaborate regularly with their nationwide team of integrators to optimise the building automation experience for our customers.

Sam Shervill

Marketing Manager, Silent Gliss

The technical implementation

Seamless Integration: Silent Gliss and Loxone
When it comes to integrating Silent Gliss with Loxone for shading solutions, the process is tailored to suit various scenarios and motor types. This flexibility ensures a smooth and efficient integration experience. Let’s explore the different methods based on the shading motor in use:

Loxone Shading Actuators Air for Retrofitting:
If you are working with existing installations and looking to retrofit Silent Gliss shades, the Loxone Shading Actuators Air offer a convenient solution. These actuators are designed for compatibility with Silent Gliss, ensuring a seamless integration without the need for an extensive overhaul.
Nano 2 Relay Tree for Quick and Easy Installation:
In scenarios involving new builds, the Nano 2 Relay Tree from Loxone proves to be a reliable choice. This option simplifies the installation process, providing a quick and easy way to integrate Silent Gliss shading systems. The Nano 2 Relay Tree is designed for efficiency, making it an ideal solution for projects from the ground up.
Integration via IP with Smart Range of Motors:
For a comprehensive integration experience, Silent Gliss supports IP integration with the Smart Range of Motors from Loxone. This method allows for a high level of control and customisation. By leveraging the power of IP integration, users can seamlessly incorporate Silent Gliss shades into their smart home ecosystem managed by Loxone.

Just connect your blinds to the Silent Gliss gateway, download the template from the Loxone library and set its IP address, from there it is the familiar use of inputs and outputs to control blind, curtain tracks and more.

Case Study: eHome2

eHome2 is a collaboration between Saint-Gobain and Barratt Developments inside Energy House 2.0 at the University of Salford as part of a research project into houses of the future. The project puts various technologies to the test to see how they respond to predicted future climatic changes.

Loxone is involved in eHome2 as the complete control system for the house, including controlling its own devices and third party devices. One of these third party systems is Silent Gliss, which provides great privacy in the home and helps with energy saving.

Read more about the project here.

Working with Silent Gliss at eHome2 was a seamless experience. The built-in Hirschmann connector on the blind and curtain motors made it easy to connect the Loxone Shading Actuator Air. Making for a seamless commissioning experience for each shade in the Loxone App and of course Loxone Config!

Loxone controls the Silent Gliss shades effortlessly with minimal interaction from a human, based on indoor climate, comfort and efficiency.

Cameron Drew

Head of Commercial Projects, Loxone UK

© Saint-Gobain Ltd

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