Maximum energy efficiency thanks to Loxone and Vaillant

Jacob Sugden
13th October 2023 in Know How

Vaillant products, such as air source heat pumps, that have an EEBUS interface are Loxone compatible! As a result, they can be seamlessly integrated into Loxone installations. This combination not only enables highly efficient energy management for all conceivable applications, but also ensures cost savings.

Vaillant: Experts for domestic technology

Vaillant has been offering a complete package for domestic technology as a system manufacturer for 150 years now, starting from the production site in Remscheid, near Düsseldorf: from power generation through photovoltaics to heating, cooling and ventilation appliances, Vaillant covers the complete range of domestic technology.

Loxone + Vaillant: Win-win situation for customers

Our cooperation with Vaillant opens up new possibilities with regard to one of the most important issues in every building – energy efficiency. The goal is to improve the climate in the home, as well as in the environment. The most important factor for this is the interconnection of all trades in the building. Because only if all elements of the building services can communicate with each other can they also work in a maximally energy-efficient manner. An example:

The shading integrated in Loxone is responsible for cooling in the building, among other things. Intelligent automatic shading can keep sunlight – and thus heat – out of the house and provide protection against overheating. The Loxone HVAC Controller always uses the cheapest cooling source first. Now, if temperatures are permanently high and shading alone is no longer sufficient, the Miniserver activates the Vaillant heat pump and starts cooling.

This perfect interaction means that the ideal desired temperature can be maintained in the building at any time of day or night, with maximum energy efficiency. The benefits for users are clear: lower energy costs thanks to smart energy management and greater comfort thanks to constant temperatures – and all completely automatically.

The technical implementation

As of Loxone Config version 12.0, Vaillant devices can be quickly and easily integrated into the intelligent automation system via EEBus. This requires, for example, a Vaillant heat pump, a Vaillant communication module with EEBus (e.g. sensoNET VR921) and a controller. The interface is then simply activated in the respective apps, and all consumers and generators can communicate with each other. In this way, data such as the temperature for the heating, for the hot water and also the outdoor temperature are accessible to the Loxone Miniserver and can be further processed for energy-optimised control.

Case Study: eHome2

eHome2 is a collaboration between Saint-Gobain and Barratt Developments inside Energy House 2.0 at the University of Salford as part of a research project into houses of the future. The project puts various technologies to the test to see how they respond to predicted future climatic changes.

Loxone is involved in eHome2 as the complete control system for the house, including controlling its own devices and third party devices. One of these third party systems is a Vaillant heat pump, which provides the heating and cooling of the home.

The research project is currently going on at the moment and we should see data from the project at the end of 2023. The project is being part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund as part of the European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme 2014-2020.

Working with Vaillant on the eHome2 project really emphasised how seamless an integration between two manufacturers can be. Using the VR921 and communicating with it via EEBUS enables us to set & monitor temperatures for both Heating and Hot Water. Whilst ensuring the system is running in the correct operating modes all without any additional Loxone hardware than the Miniserver! To get this level of control and monitoring of a heating system of this realm would traditionally require additional I/O or communication interfaces and more wiring.

Cameron Drew

Head of Commercial Projects, Loxone

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