Rock Farm restaurant in High Tatras

Jacob Sugden
3rd March 2023 in Case Studies

The stylish Rock Farm restaurant is part of the Natur Resort, which has been designed to allow guests to be close to nature. The main idea was to provide customers with a gastronomic experience looking over a magnificent view of the High Tatras. The restaurant also has a bar, a terrace and its own conference room. The smooth running of the entire building, including the terrace, is all done using Loxone.

Excellent food from our own organic ingredients

One of the main attractions of the restaurant is its stunning location, which provides amazing panoramic views of the High Tatras. A philosophy emphasized by the owners of the restaurant, from the very beginning, has been to use quality, local raw materials. Even the tasty and juicy dishes come from local produce and livestock. That’s why the restaurant has a central, glass-enclosed, cold room, where you can find quality meats, local products and the best wines. Using Loxone means that the right temperature is achieved and maintained in the cold room.

Rock style design

The interior design takes inspiration from rock music, which also suggests the origin of its name. The Scandinavian style of the restaurant is complemented by natural materials, that fit into the Tatra environment and create a cosy environment. The guitars are a statement piece at the entrance to the restaurant, which creates interest for visitors and ties together the rock theme on the interior of the restaurant. Plus, the lighting is at a perfect level that subtly and warmly illuminates the interior to make customers feel comfortable and cosy here.

Guitar hung up in restaurant to go along with the rock theme and interior design language.

The main lighting, chandeliers and pendant are all controlled by Loxone. The brightness of the lights is regulated based on outdoor lighting conditions, so as to provide the perfect desired level of illumination. The conference room on the same floor as the restaurant, provides visitors with plenty of daylight and great views, thanks to its large windows. So on bright, sunny days, the space is sufficiently illuminated and there is no need to automatically turn the lights on in the space. Thanks to automation, Loxone recognises when additional lighting is and is not needed.

This is a view of the whole restaurant, including tables, hanging retro lights and the service counter.

Air conditioning and heating

The ventilation and heat recovery system is key, as to keeping the air in the restaurant fresh at all times. Loxone means that the heat recovery unit works in an optimal way, in relation to the humidity and CO2 measurements in the room, it ensures a high level of air quality throughout the day. Also the underfloor heating is intelligently controlled through Loxone, so as to provide increased comfort in each of the rooms but also at the same time reduce energy bills.

Metal air conditioning piping on the ceiling to tie in with the retro, rustic interior design.

The main reason the owner wanted to install Loxone technology throughout the building was to eliminate the human factor in controlling the technology. The energy savings that we will see over the next few months is also a big advantage. Even when the entire building was being constructed, the owner was looking for a complete solution, from HVAC, heating, lighting and audio, all taken care of by a single central unit. Thanks to automation, they have gained much more variability of functions. 

Viktor Timko


Intelligent sound system

The speakers throughout are controlled by Loxone, and have been expertly choosen in relation to each type of space they were installed. As we know music can (mostly subconciously) have a big impact on how customers perceive the entire experience. So now that it is fully automated with Loxone, the staff no longer have to worry about choosing the right music and adjusting it to an ambient volume. It is now simple so that during opening hours, the inside space and the patio will automatically start playing preset, favourited music. The App has also made it so easy for the owner and the staff to control the entire system, from a few clicks they can make and update various settings for lighting, temperature, sound and much more.

Continuing the rustic theme there are retro bulb lights and metal mesh. Great views out the big windows.
Rock farm logo behind bar on wooden wall by shelving with glasses on.
Photo shows the technical hub of the install.
The view of the restaurant as you arrive and park.
The ideal area for outdoor dining and drinks in the summer.

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