All new products at the Loxone Product Conference 2024

Jacob Sugden
14th May 2024 in Technology
New hardware, new software, a revolutionary audio solution… the Product Conference 2024 was full of highlights. In this blog, we summarise all the innovations for you.

Energy meters: energy measurement easier than ever

Buildings are responsible for 44% of energy consumption worldwide. Particularly critical: around half of this energy is wasted! We are therefore convinced that intelligent energy management must become standard in every building.

To be able to manage a building’s energy flows efficiently, you first need to know them. With the new MDI-certified Energy Meter Tree, measuring energy has never been easier.

Exosphere: Taking building management to a new level

We believe that the management of buildings, regardless of their size, should be efficient, safe, intelligent and predictive. With Exosphere, we offer you an unprecedented platform for centralised management, monitoring and visualisation of your automation projects. Online, optional and with full control over building data.

Audio installation: The next stage of the audio revolution

We are sure of it. Everyone deserves the great experience of perfect sound – seamlessly integrated into any building. Our advanced system architecture streamlines the planning, commissioning and configuring of audio for your customers – regardless of the project size.

Master / Client: Even less cabling, even better sound

Loss of audio quality, high susceptibility to interference, expensive amplifier technology… Until now, the implementation of an extensive audio solution was associated with major challenges and the existing solutions were not satisfactory.

Our new master/client technology now enables you to realise even large audio installations quickly and easily. Wire speakers in series and massively reduce the amount of cabling required. Configuration is as simple as ever in our software for trained Loxone Partners.

Soundsuit: Developed for commercial use

The use of most music streaming services is illegal in commercial environments. Soundsuit has been specially developed for commercial use and can now be integrated natively into your Loxone environment.

Config & App 15: News for energy, audio and more

85% of our total development effort goes into our software tools. They are also what set us apart from all other systems on the market.

The new Loxone Config & App 15 further improves the most powerful software for home and building automation. Find out all about the new features in the areas of energy, audio, lighting, access and more.

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