New: Master/client technology

Jacob Sugden
13th May 2024 in Technology
We are convinced that everyone deserves the great experience of perfect sound – seamlessly integrated into any building. The innovative master/client technology reduces the cabling effort by more than 80% and enables flexible expansion and customised scaling of your customer’s audio installation.

Master / Client Technology:
The next stage of the audio revolution

The innovative master/client technology reduces the cabling effort by more than 80% and enables flexible expansion and customised scaling of your audio installation. The master speaker sets the pace, while the clients can be individually adjusted in volume.

The Tree-Turbo interface allows up to ten master speakers to be connected via star, line, tree or bus topology. Up to 20 client speakers can be connected to each master speaker. The cabling between master and client or from client to client must be done via daisy chain.

Our master / client speakers: Audio excellence from Quadral!

Highly efficient with
low power consumption

Our innovative speakers deliver the entire audio spectrum in high-quality resolution.
The digital signal processor separates the frequency ranges into high and low frequencies with absolutely no loss. Together with the efficient Class-D amplifier, this guarantees a loss-free audio experience of the highest quality.

Double the RMS power compared to the Stereo Extension

Analogue Class A/B amplifiers often have considerable quality losses. This is why we rely on digital signal processing for our master/client loudspeakers. The result is a doubling of the RMS power to 36W compared to a Stereo Extension – and with lower power consumption.


Audio content can be transmitted to the master speaker via Bluetooth from any end device. The Bluetooth capability of a master speaker can be switched on or off in the Loxone Config using logic or within the Loxone App under the settings of the Audio Player Function Block.

New: Install Sub 10 Master / Client

The Install Sub 10 provides powerful bass and takes the strain off the other speakers in your installation, guaranteeing a full, balanced sound. The Install Sub 10 is available as a master or client speaker. When adding an Install Sub 10, the DSP (Digital Signal Processing) settings are automatically adjusted.

Steamlined installation wherever you want it

Our 7″ and 10″ Install speakers can be installed into ceilings, walls or even furniture in just a few simple steps. There is a suitable back box for every installation situation.

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