First Passivhaus Premium housing development in Spain

Zsanett Koves
23rd May 2024 in Case Studies
You will find 13 single-family detached homes in the Las Lomas de Gállego residential development area in Spain. The vision for this project was clear: find harmony between energy efficiency, functionality, design, quality and comfort. It’s the first housing development in Spain with Passivhaus Premium certification, and the energy produced by the homes annually is up to five times more than the energy consumed per year.
The Passivhaus Premium category is the highest and most demanding Passivhaus certification. All 13 homes in this development meet the requirements of this classification, producing up to five times more power from renewable sources than the energy consumed every year.

In addition to energy self-consumption and sustainable electric mobility with EV charging, the homes have high insulation, exterior carpentry, adequate airtightness and smart shading for solar protection.

In this development, automating multiple intelligent technologies was essential, and Loxone Partner Ensaco and construction company Architectural & Housing Development SL chose the Loxone building automation system that allows comprehensive control from one holistic central source.


“Smart homes that think and act for you”

Several intelligent features are automated in these intelligent buildings to save time for residents on routine tasks and further optimise the self-produced energy.


Zaragoza, Spain

Property size
1000 m2

Loxone Partner
Ensaco Eficiencia Energética

Loxone operates:

Heating, cooling and mechanical ventilation

Lighting control

Automated shading via roller shutters

Access control

Photovoltaic solar energy system and surplus management

Electric car charger

Operating modes

What are the benefits of Loxone Smart Home technology?

To earn a Passivhaus certification, buildings must meet the requirements for construction, insulation and airtightness. These are passive factors that ensure the home is as energy efficient as possible.

Loxone technology provides additional control and intelligent automation of the active systems – air conditioning, ventilation, lighting, etc -, producing even better results not only in energy efficiency, but also in user comfort and safety.

Automated temperature management

Target temperatures are set in each room according to the time of day, and the Loxone system delivers these temperatures in the most energy-efficient way: by using ventilation, activating the heating or operating the smart blinds to protect the area from sunlight, while also looking after the indoor air quality.

Energy management of photovoltaic panels

The photovoltaic panels installed generate electrical energy. The Loxone system uses this to allow self-consumption for primary applications, and to manage surpluses for tasks such as charging the electric car. Optimised energy management for solar power is easier with Loxone, and all necessary information is visible in Loxone App.

Safety and security, access control
and remote operations

The intelligent controls in the homes also provide better safety and security for the residents. In the event of detecting smoke, escapes of water, extreme wind or a potential intruder trying to gain access, the building reacts and notifies the residents immediately. In addition, through the integration of the video intercom into the Loxone system, users can see who is at the door even when they are not at home, talk to visitors and let them in if they wish.

“It makes a significant contribution to the environmental protection of our surroundings, while increasing the value of its owners’ real estate and providing access to green mortgages and excellent financing conditions.”

Developer - Constructor, Architectural Housing Development LS

A passive house automation system integrated with Loxone can address all Passivhaus criterias and provide the purest quality of life and the highest levels of convenience and comfort inside the building through intelligent automation. To see what smart solutions the Loxone passive house automation system can offer you, check our dedicated page below.

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