New: AC Control Air

Jacob Sugden
6th June 2023 in Technology

The AC Control Air integrates air conditioner units from leading manufacturers into the Loxone home and building automation system. In a way that is straightforward, efficient and seamless for our Loxone Partners. Intelligent control of air conditioners significantly increases comfort, while at the same time reduces energy consumption by more than 30%.

By 2050, it is predicted that the number of air conditioners will increase from the current 1.5 billion to 3.5 billion units. Shockingly if each of these units in 2050 is run for just 4 hours a day, this corresponds to a consumption of almost 13 billion kWh per day (based on conservative calculations!). This in turn causes an almost unimaginable amount of CO2 to be released into the atmosphere at 6.3 billion kg a day.

Intelligent air conditioning control with the AC Control Air can reduce this consumption by 30%, thus significantly reducing the impact on the environment and running costs for building owners – while at the same time increasing comfort levels for occupants.

The AC Control Air integrates and supports a growing number of air conditioners from different manufacturers. Check the compatibility with our online configurator in the webshop.

One AC Control Air is required per air handling unit.

The following functions can be implemented with the AC Control Air:
  • Easy ability to turn it on & off from the Loxone app
  • Simple setting of the target temperature
  • Mode selection easy and to hand
  • Can select fan speed
  • Can select air flow direction
  • Sleep / pause timer
  • Link to door & window contacts
  • load shedding

Pioneer Initiative

Due to the enormous variety of AC units from different manufacturers, it has not been possible to test every single variation of air conditioner with a specific model number. So, if the model number of your air conditioner is not yet in our compatibility database, you can take part in the “Pioneer Initiative” –  with an extended 30-day return policy. Plus, shape the future of air conditioner control with us – by providing the required data when testing the AC Control Air with an untested unit – and secure a £100 voucher for the webshop!

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