12th May 2015 in Case Studies

The impressive lighting inside and out will leave you in awe. Plus, the intelligently automated shading and heating controls mean this is a fantastic example of contemporary living in a smart home.

The homeowner of Luminous specifically wanted a holistic smart home solution for his new home. As someone with a top title of ‘Head of Innovation’ it was no wonder he was set of having the best technology in his home and that is how the decision was made to go with Loxone.

NAME: Luminous
LOCATION: Hüntwangen, Switzerland
BUILT: 2014
LOXONE PARTNER: Bernhard + Wigger GmbH

Everything working together

Intelligent blind control for added comfort…

…and energy saving. The large windows in this home meant that the shading was a vital feature, playing an important role in regulating the temperature. In the summer, the shading helps to keep the rooms cool but minimising the impact of the sun. Then in the winter months, the shading lets in the sun to harness any natural warmth there is. This saves on air-conditioning and heating costs throughout the year, all thanks to the intelligent automation handled by the Miniserver.

There is more to the automated shading than just regulating the temperature.

Nature’s Alarm

During the week, the kids have to get up at 7:15 to get ready for school. To encourage the little ones out of bed in time, the slats in the blinds are tilted at 7:00 to start letting in a bit of natural light.

One click to close

The shading is automated, but it can, of course, be manually controlled too. When it’s time for bed then a click on a switch in the main bedroom will close all the blinds in the home. It couldn’t be easier.

Storm Protection

As soon as the wind exceeds a certain speed – which could potentially damage the external blinds or awnings – then these shading elements are retracted to protect them.

Let there be light

The lighting throughout the home is intelligently automated based on presence. When someone enters a room then the lighting scene for that time of day is turned on, provided that the room is not already bright enough from natural light. The residents never have to find themselves fumbling for a light switch in the dark.

The lights don’t just turn on automatically, but they also turn off automatically if nobody is in the room – a great energy-saver!

The Landlord’s favourite

Mood Lighting

The literal highlight of Luminous is the smart lighting featuring throughout the home.

Beside the staircase, behind the headboard, along the cabinets, in the outdoor area – colour LED strip and colour LED spots ensure the perfect lighting mood is created for any occasion (and often creating jealous visitors).

Simple operation thanks to a streamlined concept

Switches are still the standard operating element in this smart home. Thanks to the Loxone Switch Standard, control in this home is a cinch despite the many features.

  • Tapping in the middle of the switch will scroll through lighting scenes
  • The two buttons on the left control the shading in the room
  • The two buttons on the right control the music playback in the room

For any other elements that homeowner may want to control, there is always the Loxone Smart Home App.

All under control

In addition to presence and switches – the features in the Luminous Smart Home can also be controlled using the Loxone Smart Home App. Heating, shading, access control…a tap in the app is all that’s needed to make a change.

Safe as houses

All in view

Around the home’s exterior, cameras record every moment. Through the Loxone Smart Home, the homeowners can check on the status of their home and the feed from the cameras – no matter where in the world they might be.

Panic Button

For added peace of mind, there is a panic button in the bedroom. One click is all it takes to turn on all the lights in the home and have them start to flash. A siren it also played, helping to bring the threat to the attention of the occupants and neighbours.

Who is it?

VisitorLuminous already engage with the Loxone system at the intercom. No matter where in the world the homeowners are, they can see who is at their gate. Thanks to the Loxone Smart Home App, the family can control access – like opening the gate and garage for the delivery guy – even when no one is home.

Perfect temperature in every room

In the bedrooms, the family prefer a cooler 18°C – whereas in the living room they prefer a temperature of 23°C. But this is no problem…

The individual zoned heating control in Luminous is intelligently controlled so that the desired temperature is reached at the right time. The Loxone system takes care of turning the heating on or off to ensure this.

The Miniserver is also always learning so it knows what time it should turn on the heating to reach the comfort temperature, while also being energy-efficient.