White N

10th May 2015 in Case Studies

Architect house meets smart home. This incredibly stylish home is equipped with many smart functions, all centrally managed by the Miniserver.

Completed in January 2012, this Loxone Smart Home is a joy to behold both inside and out! The building has been meticulously designed and the technology planned carefully to ensure complete luxury for the owners.

NAME: White N
LOCATION: Wilhering, Linz, Austria
SIZE: 240m²
LOXONE PARTNER: Loxone Gold Partner Hometec Walter Kreisel
Nopp Innenarchitektur

It’s all under control…

Smart Home Patio Blind Control

Storm Protection

The exterior roller shutters on the house are always protected from storms. When the Miniserver detects strong winds via the wind sensor on the roof, the blinds are automatically moved into the safety position, regardless of whether someone is at home or not.


In this designer house, the lighting has been carefully planned to allow for different lighting accents. A combination of lighting sources, including ceiling spotlights and RGBW LED strips are perfectly matched to make this modern home the ultimate retreat.

Smart Home Lounge

Moving Lights

The outdoor lights are controlled by presence sensors. This means the family can enjoy a relaxing evening outside on the terrace and not have to worry about turning off all of the lights when they go inside…the garden lights turn off automatically once everyone has left. Just one of the joys of Autopilot Living.

Easily Controlled

In this house, the lights turn on and off automatically. However, anyone in the family can control the lights – like changing light scenes, or adjusting colours – thanks to the Loxone Smart Home app installed on the family’s iPads and smartphones. Smart lighting throughout helps set the mood for any occasion.

Smart Home Multiroom Audio

A Great Start To The Day

The house has three main music zones. In the morning, the speakers are activated in the bathroom to get everyone geared up for the day. Downstairs, the kettle’s boiling and the radio is reporting on the morning traffic. The music throughout the house can be switched on and off and the volume adjusted via switch or through the app.

Family Favourite

The family’s favourite feature in the house is the triple click ‘all off’ function. A triple click on any switch turns off everything throughout the house including the lights, music and appliances on standby, and if it’s night-time, arms the burglar alarm. A great side effect besides the simplicity of it is the energy savings the family are enjoying!

Individual Room Control

Individual room control really comes into its own in a house like White N. The family don’t waste any money heating large rooms that they’re not using. Instead, the temperature in every room can be individually controlled and the ‘boost’ function (which can be accessed via the app) takes away any chilliness and ensures the house stays nice and cosy.

Reliable Statistics

A Loxone Smart Home can store usage data for several years, so it’s not just a case of viewing how much you spent heating your home this month compared to last. Through the Loxone Smart Home app, the family can store and analyse all of their usage statistics from previous days to previous years…all displayed in an easy-to-read graph format.

Automatic Garage Door

In White N, the garage door can be opened automatically from the Loxone app from anywhere in the world, and if it’s left open by accident, the family receive a notification on their phone, and an announcement is made over the sound system if someone is at home. The app also allows the family to see whether the garage door is open or closed at any time.

The family were keen to ensure that the garage door didn’t open automatically every time a car pulled into their driveway. To combat this, a Loxone Remote Air is kept handy in the family car so that the garage door can be easily opened without having to get out of the car and open the garage door manually. This proves especially popular on rainy days!

Safe as houses

By clicking on the button in the bedroom or in the app, the alarm is activated throughout the house.

When the alarm is active, the motion sensors stand guard and keep watch for intruders. In case of alarm, the lights flash throughout the house, swiftly followed by howling sirens on both floors and an immediate phone call is placed.

Panic Button

You hope you never have to use it, but a panic button is a cost-free feature that provides extra peace of mind for you and the family. In White N, the panic button is located next to the bed in the master bedroom. One press on the button triggers the alarm sirens.

No Wet Feet!

Burst water pipes aren’t funny, which is why the White N has been equipped with an early water detection system in the basement. Water sensors pick up on the first signs of a burst pipe and immediately the house places a call to the owner’s smartphone to alert him.

Everything on Mobile

Everything that’s controlled within the house is within palm’s reach. Whether it’s the multi room audio system, lighting scenes or simply just switching things off from afar, the whole family can control their home easily via the app.

Fresh Air

If the humidity or CO2 levels in the bathrooms or gym exceed the threshold, the fans are run automatically.
The ventilation fans can also be manually switched on and off through the app.

Manual Socket Control

Many appliances in White N not used every day, such as the floor lamp in the living room or the electric towel rail in the bathroom. They can be manually switched on and off at the socket and switch, or via the app.

Automatic Night Lights

The skylights in White N have two basic functions – to let in sunlight and to aerate the living area. The hard to reach windows are of course fully automatic. In ventilation mode, the slats of the blinds are positioned horizontally, so that a cool breeze can filter through whilst keeping the sun out. At excessively high wind speeds, the blinds are automatically retracted into the safety position.